Help re setting up account at Urdu Mehfil

Is there anyone who is active on the Urdu Mehfil forum? I need help in setting up my account -- it is stuck at 25% and I get this error when I try to upload my profile picture:

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درج ذیل نقص پیش آیا:
You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.


Since my account set up is not complete, I am unable to post anything:

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(آپ کو یہاں مراسلے بھیجنے کا اختیار نہیں۔)


I left a message here but haven't heard from the administrator(s).

Help is much appreciated.

Send your message again.

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Send your message again.


Thank you. I have just left a message for the admin.

ok dear thanks for your reply :)

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ok dear thanks for your reply :)


No response so far. Waiting for something to happen :frowning:

ohh dont' worried try again, again and again.! keep it up

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ohh dont’ worried try again, again and again.! keep it up


awaisirshad: I was under the impression that you had something to do with the Urdu Mehfil forum. It seems that I was way off the mark. Nevertheless, thank you for your rather generic well-meaning responses.

Still looking for some real help.

sir ap ne apni ne email conforum ki thi?

ap ne jab account register kia tha to ap ko aek email receive hoi ho gi. wo ap ne conform krni h. os ky bad ap ko wo sab option mil jay gi. like post krna or profile img lgana.

I created my account on the Urdu Mehfil Forum on 17 October 2015. Didn't receive *any* confirmation email till this day. And, mind you, I check the spam folder quite regularly.

BTW when I posted my original query on WP, my account setup was stuck at 25% progress. The other day, on the suggestion of a friend, I set my profile "mood" which added 15% to the account setup progress:

کاؤنٹ سیٹ اپ 40% مکمل

ہمارا مشورہ ہے کہ یہاں گزارے گئے وقت کا پورا لطف لینے کے لئے مندرجہ ذیل کی تکمیل کریں۔:

نمائندہ تصویر شامل کریں
سٹیٹس اپڈیٹ کریں
پروفائل میں موڈ منتخب کریں - done
فورم میں اپنا تعارف پیش کریں

or sir agr ap ko email receive ni hoi to. me try krta ho admin sy bat krta ho. ky ap ko mail receive kio ni hoi. dont' worried.

ap apna email btaen gy?

Details PMed. Please check your inbox.

ok sir me ap ko reply krta ho bad me. mail krta ho admin ko.

Thank you, awaisirshad and others who helped: the problem has been solved.

I had to change my email address as -- for some unknown reasons -- their confirmation emails to my original and CORRECTLY entered email address were not delivered.

A o A

Sir ap wha pr check kren. resend conforum email wali option pr click kren. or email dobara dekhen ky ap ko conform wali email receive hoi h? osy conform kren. me ne admin sy bat ki h. onho ny ye hi btaia h.

sorry for late reply. tbiat khrab ho gai thi. is waja sy kafi din me online ni ho saka.

most welcome sir.! good agr ap ki problem solve ho gai h to. :)