Help on Data Recovery

Salamz everyone,

The problem is that i used to write the data from my Harddisk to CD-R by appending session in disc coz the data updated daily and make backup every other week. When my hard drive crashed and i copied the data from CD to new hard disk, it was showing an year old data. when i checked the cd for sessions it is showing 21 sessions and last one is the recent update. but i cannot access the latest data. its just showing the old data. Can anyone help me coz this data is very important for my business as it has all the clients ledgers in it.

Is there any way to retrieve the latest data from CD?

For recovering data deleted from Hard Disk, I successfully used 'On Track Easy Recovery'. Try it if it works for recovering data from your CD.

are u using xp or vista? anything other than these and you wont be able to read the latest data.

Also I recommend you invest in a USB thumb drive or external HD if the data to backup changes frequently. The method you were using to write isn't very reliable.

I am using windows XP.

for the future purpose i m using thumb drive now. but is there any way to recover from that CD?

Use ontrack easy recovery (preferably prefessional)

Then try FAT/ISO method or Raw Recovery