Help needed in home network

hi, i m using standard ptcl router with wifi n cable connection as well, one pc is connected vai wifi n other via cable to router, internet works fine on both , but both pc's cant connect via lan, i was wondering is it possible to make lan using router , or one pc on wifi or other on cable wont connect to each other in lan config ?

any help will b greatly appreciable ,

In your current scenario both PCs should see each other and as well should make communication, if nothing is specifically restricted.

* You can check the Windows Firewall on both PCs. Turn it off completely to check if it works or not. If turning off the Windows Firewall works then you can simply add a rule in Firewall exceptions to allow "File & Printer Sharing".

* If both PCs are on Windows 7 then you might need to make a home group. This will give you easy access to both of the PCs from/to each other.

Which OS are you using?

If it's Windows try adding them to the same workgroup (you can change workgroup/domain from the same dialog where you set the PC name)

i m using xp on both systems, but really thanx for help after turning firewall off on both pcs , they do connect

Just buy a USB Wifi Dongle or PCI Wifi card if you are using desktop PC. It only worth Rs.800. then, your both computer will be connected with same wifi network.