Help me SMS spam from Ufone

sms spam from UFone is getting me mad , is there anyway i can stop this crap, i get daily 5 to 8 unsolicited sms from Ufone, please help, so this means i have to check 5 to 8 times check my phone for nothing...

Ufone CS are no help just incompetent zombies every time you call they got new bullshit answer. and i have to pay for the call also. just plain stupid.

I don't think its limited to Ufone. I am with warid and its same there. Its sickening. Not sure, what can be solution to this.

What kind of messages are these? I think you're involuntary subscribed to their Info Services. It happened to lots of persons. Just call Ufone this time and tell them to un-subscribe you from their Info Services. :)


nopes i am not subscribed to anything from them nor they offer anything value added which any person with common sense can use. i only use it for voice communication thats it

they are sending unsolicited, unsubscride, unwanted, comercial SMS for thier backward a-s-s services , like ring tones as if i am gonna subscribe to "mera lal dupata malmal ka o ji o ji" as my rig tone,

internet packages SMS, god have mercy who the heck wants to use obsolete EDGE which can't even give dial up speed.

talk all night package, 1 hour talk etc package etc bull s-h-i-t

and all other scam s-h-i-t with which they are robbing poor people blind, we know tihat its all waste of money and time, with non-existent entertainment for poor people in pakistan, these phone companies ending up grabbing almost 50% of their paychecks

I was also talking about this. I didn't subscribe to their Info Services when they started to send me these messages. But your situation is totally different. These messages are for just advertisement and i think there is no solution for this. It could solve only if you talk to any Ufone higher authority. I am also using Ufone and i rarely get any ad message. :)

I can understand your problem as my younger brother is using Ufone and getting the same spam messages, even info services were also automatically activated. I talked to the CR so many times and came to know that Ufone has got the worst customer care centers. Man their CR's are so much unprofessional that they even don't understand your problem even if you tell them so many times. It's just useless because each time a different CR with different idea.

The only solution is that take off your U-sim from your mobile and trash it. That is what I did with my bro's sim.

Now he's using Djuice and is very happy :)

I just came to know that you can opt out of their spam.

Last week I receive a call at 7 in the morning, I had just gone to bed, so I wake up and pick up the call and its a computer on the other side telling me promotional offers from Ufone, I had enough at that point so I call their helpline and I told the guy that I will be forced to disconnect if you don't stop sending me these messages or calling me when I am sleeping, he immediately opted me out of their spam, according to him this was to help customers informed about their new packages.

not only Ufone, but Telenor and Warid also spam alot, IMO Telenor is on the top.

^ Bet me. I'm with mobilink and they send more then 10+ sms daily.

I am using telenor but never received any advertisement msg.

same is the case with zong .. these messages are so anoying that i feel like throwing my mobile towords a wall .. these is nothing we can do about it .. they will keep spaming .. and these are not info services .. they are just stupid promotional offers .. and trust me, the kind of messages warid sends to its subscribers ,no other company can send .. e.g meera or reema k wallpaper or rahat nusrat fateh k gane download kerne k lie apne mobile se 777 dial karin 5 rs illawa tax laguu honge man u gota b kidding me :D