Help me plz

My name is Aqib and i purchased your usb Unlimited 1 MB

package in Pakistan. my account no. 58450. My phone no. 0092-323-4135385. i am having

download speed problem. i am receiving 9-13kb actual speed while i

sposed to get 100-120kb actual. I called to your customer sport at

042-111078233 and a moron asked that your downl...oad limit has exead, now

you will recieve, the speed you are recieveing, you will get your full

download speed next month. I mean 9-13kb its bullshit. i am danm sure i

will not cuntinue your service 2nd month. I saw your brochure there was

menchened 1MB Unlimited. i mean that's how you

misguide your customer for money. If there is some limit why and how its Unlimited ? On your brochure it is menchened 1MB speed and Unlimited download. what is that ? a Drama ?

well There is a Thread About this Already

They cap Your Speed after you Download 30 GB

and Then They will cap your Speed to 9-13kb so you cant Download More :(

Thats there Fair Usage Policy :@

I advice you not to extend your Package next month

Another victim. The list will get bigger and bigger in near future. I'd suggest the mods to please make the other thread sticky, so that others may as well beforehand what the fuss is all about.

Yup I agree make Thread as sticky :@

and Sorry For you jamil bro