Help me on this FORUM

HEllo respected seniors,

I was member but due to saying many thanks on the forum I got banned now when i open this forum site i see messsage without logging in that "YOU ARE BANNNED"..

why it is showing that message without logging in ..

please see image and give me any solution, i have static IP address


That means your IP was banned. It doesn't matter whether you log in or not, they can detect your IP regardless.

Use a proxy and register there again

can you connect from another connection like from you mobile or dialup or something. it happened to me right on these forums i connect through dialup and told the admins and they fixed it..

this was my thread::

Sometimes IP bans are used to discourage repeat offenders from trying to register at the forum again. If someone wrongly gets caught in that net, you can always contact the forum administration (Admins or Moderators) to fix the issue.

He he....

I was kicked out from this forum two days back. I emaild administrators and made a request to reactivate my previous account. But no response.i wondr if email was correct. Plz someone confirm email address.