Help me guys

my device ( ZXDSL 831CII) is creating problems,its dsl light is always on blinking and im unable to surf net more than few minutes,secondly,its power light also get dim,i changed the charger,but with the new charger,its the same case,it light gets dim and when i renter charger in socket,light gets fully bright but it is for only 1-2 minutes,after that power light gets dim and all other light of internet,dsl get off! tell me what to do? im using ptcl dsl since 8-10 and my package is 4 mb,

8-10 days or months. Well you should ask for a modem replacement.

months*, modem replacement ? will they charge me for it?

No just take your current modem to the exch explain your problem and ask for a replacement.

possible voltage problem.coz i m also using this one and whenevr voltage gets low the lights get dimmed.