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Assalam o Alikum

Dosto mujy batao 20 hazar tak Lg ka konsa model mil sakta hay atleast 3gb ram ho or 16mp cam and 4g also

You have listed very specific requirements, and as such, i can only recommend one phone that fits in your budget

It’s the LG G4. Selling these days for around ~18k. Make sure the manufacture date is at or higher than September 2015. Earlier ones have bootloop issue.

How to check the manufacturing date?

Open the back cover & remove the battery.

Look at the big sticker that reads the Model, IMEI & relevant info.

Take a look at the serial number. The first three numbers represent the Year & the Month.

For example, in the above image, the serial number starts with 505, which means 2015 - 05 (May)

You need to avoid numbers upto 508. You’re mostly safe with going with 509 & above. Getting a 601+ one is highly recommendable. (2016 - Jan & above).

Sometimes the number doesn’t start with the date, it might start with some letters & then the number, so you have to pay attention to find the date code.

Hope this helped.

Mine is just like yours i.e. 505. Its Verizon variant. Can the os be updated? Currently it is lollipop.

The problem is hardware related, not software related. Upgrading to Marshmallow won’t solve it.

I recommend you sell the phone ASAP & get a different one. There’s no guarantee when your G4 will encounter the bootloop issue. There is a small possibility that it may never get the issue, but it’s upto you if you want to take that risk or not…

Thank you for guiding me. I am using this phone from July. So far I have not faced any issue. Fingers crossed for the future :slight_smile: I might change it in few weeks. Which mobile phone you are using? I like the specs of G4 only the thing I am missing in this phone is finger print reader as my company enforce security policies which requires to input numeric pin or password or finger print reader. Since it is easy to tap finger to unlock the phone at once, I am looking for a phone in low price range with good specs. What do you recommend?

Get Motorola Droid Turbo or Turbo 2 depending on your budget. They’re one of the most satisfying phones you can buy right now. Great specs, Great battery timing & good enough cameras.

Infinix Hot Note 3 Pro

Visit the LG website and search your requirements.