Help me Find New ISP

I had been a loyal CyberExtreme user for nearly two years now. But recently my brothers subscribed to PTCL broadband. I realized that PTCL is much cheaper. However I feel that cybernet provided good customer service. I am afraid that PTCL won't be as reliable as cybernet. But then cybernet has volume limits, nearly 1200 rs per month difference, and ptcl is offering 512kb while cybernet is offering 256 for 2400 rs. Is there any third option I should consider? Can you guys tell your personal experiences with PTCL or any other ISP. I would like a hassle free service. I was quite happy with cybernet but I think i should try other services may be they are plainly robbing me.

just read the PTCL topic and you get the picture

PTCL offers the cheapest service, which translates loosely in to the best-bang-for-the-buck. That being said, it is somewhat hit and miss. If you get service and it works wonderfully out of the box, then you are in luck. However if you face technical issues, provisioning issues, billing issues then PTCL is a real pain in the ass to deal with. In such cases, CyberNet and Maxcom are much, much better.

Also, if you do decide to get PTCL service, get to know your line man. He will prove invaluable in getting things done quickly and on-time.

go ptcl and drag your other friends with you who are using cyber and lets just all hope this will make cybernet company to drop there rates...:)

also how bad it can be they are giving 1mb/unlimited for 1999. you can't overlook package like that.

Im using connect communications these days In morning i get a speed of 5mb and on an average its around 1-2 mb.. I pay 700 per month

disadvantage: cable net and unlimited disconnections.. plus if kesc is loadshedding in the block next to me, my internet wont work as the switchers are connected in electricity effected areas at that time..

disadvantage # 2: Torrents are limited to download at maximum 35KB/s

Kratos: actually I called cybernet today and talked to their customer care rep. my acount balance ended yesterday so I told her that she will have to convince me that cybernet is still the best or else I would sign up for someother isp. She had nothing to say, she said something about customer service but if you call their technical support they would put you on hold for atleast 10 minutes. Talking to her made me feel that cybernet doesn't really care about competition or customers.

I am now considering maxcom and ptcl. What you guys say?

Maxcom's packages are twice as expensive as that of PTCL

I had Cyber DSL, switched to Maxcom because of the big price difference. PTCL is cheaper still, but I would only go for it once they come down to 200 Rs a month as it's just not reliable enough.