Help in mounting digital VAHz meter

I bought the above volt amps,, hertz meter to measure the output of my generator. It is made by Their website does not work.

Anybody knows how to mount this thing. I am too embarrassed to go ask a technician :-)


Since it measures Volts, Amperes and Hz, so it must need Live and Neutral as input and same as output, just like electric energy meter.

Can you post model number and some pictures of the back connector?

By mounting, do you mean mechanical fitting?


Yes. Electrical part I think I understand. I can't figure out how to mount it.


There is a company SIMTEK that helps) but I could not find any such product on the website.

Regarding mechanical fitting, you need a precise cutout in the front panel and use the blue arms (on the side of VAHz meter) for clamping from inside the panel.

You may remove those blue arms, measure the back side rectangle cutout size, insert the meter from front, re-install the blue arms.

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I bought the above volt amps, hertz meter to measure the output of my generator. It is made by Their website does not work.
Anybody knows how to mount this thing. I am too embarrassed to go ask a technician :slight_smile:
How much did that cost you?

For Rs. 1700 including the CT.

I got it mounted as you can see in the picture. Not very elegant, but does the job. I have it installed to measure the water pump current. However I can't calibrate the current reading. I just tried pressing the button randomly but not very successfully. No brochure or instructions with the unit.

Anyone knows how to do it? Please help


For the mounting, since this is a squarish box, there are plastic and metal boxes available all over multan road, brandereth and biddon road which will house this..

the plastic boxes are the same type we have at home all over for basis switch boards, you will just need to find a square one deep enough to house this..

advantages.. esthetic if fitted inside the wall, plastic, cheap, no grounding issues with plastic, can be painted on

disadvantages... plastic, not durable.. large sizes difficult to find.

The metal boxes are the same one which house the changeovers/switch overs.. they are easily avialable too, and come in many large huge sizes so you can easily find the size you need and just cut out the from to house this meter

advantages.. metal, durable, any size available, also looks good.. can be painted on.. all wiring goes inside so a neat job ..

Disadvantages... metal, needs careful wiring not to shortcircuit, , canot be fitted inside wall, not esthetic.. heavy, costly.

for calibration, try pressing-and-holding the SET button for 5 seconds.

sometime the setting menu appears while the button is being pressed for few seconds.

and sometimes when the button is released after being pressed for few seconds.

normally it should say CT on one LCD and some numbers(primary side rating of ct) on any other LCD. use up and down for adjusting. if no up down buttons available, simply press and release the SET button(do not hold); it might cycle through available options.

to save, it could be press and hold the SET button again for about 5 seconds.

a local online store has meters from this company (google simtec meter).

may be they can guide better in terms of parameter settings.

Yes that is how it works. When the set button is pressed the lower display cycles through 30-60-100-300-600-800-999. This number is probably the ratio of the ct. The ct I have is 100:5. So the reading on the vahz meter does not match the reading on the clamp meter.

When I run the pump again I will note down the ratios and see if I can increase the turns thru the CT to get an accurate reading. It will save me a trip to city saddar road.


30-60-100-300-600-800-999 are the primary-side rating for ct you want to use. in this case it should be set to 100.

If the ct is 100:5.

And the VAHz meter is set at 100.

the difference could be because of the accuracy class of the VAHz vs. the clamp meter.

reversing the ct wires might help.

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in this case it should be set to 100.

reversing the ct wires might help.


I did set it at 100 . However for some reason it keeps showing 000. Another issue is that on the 100 range the decimal point shifts to the extreme right. I like to get at least one place after the decimal. This only happens on the 30 and 60 ranges.

When I tested it again the clamp meter consistently showed a reading of 6.5 amps. On the 100 range the reading was 000. However on the 60 range the vahz showed 2.4. I assumed that the ratio of the readings should be 100/60=1.666. However 6.5/2.4=2.708. What am I doing wrong.

I will try to reverse connections and report results.


I reversed the terminals this morning. No change.


check if the VAHz meter is for 5A ct input. It should say this on the label.(I have seen 10A ones(old analogue))

And if the ct is actually 100:5.

I don't think there is any problem in connections.

Try a loop(onto the ct) of the main wire going through the ct.

Are the readings on inverter supply or distribution-company supply.

If possible, try changing the ct with 60:5 one.

It worked. A loop of wire thru the ct did the trick. Displayed amps 6.5. Dislayed on clamp meter 6.4.

Thanks Enlightened.