Help in Linux

I installed linux 8.0.

it is good but i didn;t use it before. i use internet through bluetooth with gprs.

it detects blurtooh.

but in modem section it fails.

i didn;t know anything how to configure any thing in it.

plz help

^ linux 8.0?

never heard of it

no it is!!i have LINUX 9 RED HAT!!!

its 8.04.1 LTS desktop edition.

got from

He means Ubuntu.....of course...

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its 8.04.1 LTS desktop edition.

got from


That’s Ubuntu my friend

read this article:

from where i can get linux?

^ man u say you are usin linux and u have so n so problem

then u ask where to get linux?

Ahmad seems to be confused

I think instead of yelling at Ahmad it'd be nice if someone could explain what Linux is, the types of distributions/flavors it comes in, how the GPL license and open source software works, and how you can download ISO's and also order them online. I'm feeling too lazy to write all that out! :P

wel i said i got linux from but cq914 said that it is ubuntu.

so i become confused .

i thought it is linux.

but don't know much about linux.

so plz guide me as new driver even don't know about race and brake of car.....

^ Linux is the collective name of a range of Operating Systems which use a same piece of open source code called Linux Kernel (Which is the main component of any operating system). Like If many different people/companies started building their own cars targetted towards specific people or groups but with a Honda Civic 1.6l Engine.

Ubuntu is a popular type (or Distro) of Linux.

Linux is the kernel. A kernel is the heart and mind of any operating system.

You can dress that heart and mind in teenage punk clothes and call it Ubuntu. Or you can dress them in a suit and call it SUSE. Or maybe even just in a dhoti and call it Fedora. Nevertheless, these varying dresses are what are termed distributions. Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora and many other "linux" are essentially Linux distributions.

It is free... not in the monetary sense (though that is true for most open source software), but that you can freely access the source code for it. That really shouldn't be your concern unless you are a programmer.