Help i m in deep trouble........ Hard drive showing as raw partition

i have two hard disk atached 2 my sys. i was re-installin my windows and i re-partitioned my first hard disk and installed windows on it but i dont know why but the second hard disk is now not openin..... i didnt even have drivers of my system i had search through a ton of trashed cds and dust to find the drivers cd and come onlie......

the hardisk only has one partition and currently its property page shows that its a raw partotion with 0 bytes of space.......

i know if sumthin like this happens we usssually use a recovery softwares but i m afraid bcz last time i used a recovery software my stuff was all messed up.... wath should i do...... i am really freakin out bcz all of my data is in that disk (almost 80GB of it)...... my head aint workin i cant sovle the problem my self.......

for reinstalling windows you should'nt have repartitioned the disks.. simply should've formated and reinstalled!

try ontrack's easy recovery pro to repair or recover from lost partition

or try this download slax

its a linux distro that does not install on ur computer it only runs from the cd see if u can access the second drive through it

i did not partitioned the disk containing my data ( i m not tht idiot) i partitioned the other disk which only had windows in it........ see i said in my intro i had two HDDs atached.......

well i m taking the disk 2 the vendor bcz i still have thre warranty left and if they deny me recovering my data ill try this slax.....


i did try to access my disk via ubuntu 'run only' but was unable to access any of my disks damaged and the one with the other 1

well some how you messed up master boot record(mbr) , data is still there on your 2nd hd just use a decent recovery prog

i personally think disk's warranty does not cover data recovery.. you'll have to do it your self

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well some how you messed up master boot record(mbr) , data is still there on your 2nd hd just use a decent recovery prog

i personally think disk’s warranty does not cover data recovery… you’ll have to do it your self


Can it be the mbr? I dont think that would be the case. I have messed up my mbr many times and have fixed it USING THE FIXMBR command.

I think u author should at least try it. Boot with an XP cd and run the recovery console. Then write “fixmbr \device\harddisk0” if its the master hard disk, just replace 0 with 1 if its the slave.

well the vendor accepted my disk and said that if the 'module' has not been damaged the data will be recovered ..... i guessed that by 'module' he meantthe controller card of the hdd and dont think it was damagedso hell be recoveringmy data =D ........ i have told him if he cant recover my data my data then return my disk without doing anythin on it........

ok i called the vendor and the stupid ediot said that he has made a new partionand the hdd is up and runnin i asked him abt the data and he said well thr was none it ....... then i explained him that why hell would give him the hdd if i only needed 2 run the hdd i could have made a prtition in a giffy and of course thr was no data in it cuz it got damaged and i gave hdd to u 2 recover it....... trust me the reply i recievd frm was so dumb my head started to spin........

so in a nut shell please recommend the most power full data recovery software ever devised by men kind

yaar help me please recommend a very power full data recovery software

what you are telling is.. u had data on disk which was showing u zero bytes..

u wanted to recover data from it but the sales guy formatted it.. if he has made new partition then there are chances of data recovery.. if he has performed full format the data most likely will not be there especially after creating new partition.

the best u can do is try any portable data recovery software.. google the software.. the goto rsfind.c*m and search for it...then download it on USB and try recovering.

ok i tried TESTDISK its awsum i did not get whole of my data but got sum of it back.....

but its useless 4 .doc and executable files but any how my songs shorted down frm 8gigs 2 3gigs

but i think a fresh start would b gud =D