Help! How much it cost to transfer cash from one city to other?

lets just say if i want to transfer 1000, 30,000, and 100,000 through bank how much tax/charges i have to pay on all of these considering that transfer will be made in the same bank, and if there are different banks ie: i have account in HBL in lahore and i want to transfer money to karachi to ABL, then what.? thanx

none, no charges

seriously, if i want to transfer my some money from my HBL account (or any other) to my brother who is in karachi and his account is also in HBL then there won't be any charges?are you sure or you just messing with me......

I have lived away from home most of my college years and my father always used to send me money to my mcb account. There were never any charges. I dont think mine was a special case so i guess there are no charges when you trasfer some amount to an account.

koooool thanx man.

ya no charges but there is 0.2 tax when you withdraw cash but not on account to account transfers