Help / How can I disable Timeline on my facebook page?

Aslam-e-laikum wwb Frenz ,

Hope you all are gud . I need help about How to disable Facebook timeline on my page. I have googled alot about it ... all the tutorials failed , youtube videos regarding same have been of no avail . Some people have opinion that its not possible but I finallay decided to seek help at WiredPakistan as my last hope. Plz experts help me.

Let me know if its not possible so that I may give up searching more .

Remember I have tried all possible tutorials on google so don't just google and paste the links to tutorials ..... plz if you are 100 % sure about any do suggest.

Eagerly waitting for your help.


Adopt it or die :D

Are you sure :) ????

just leave facebook if it irritates alot

thy r soon gonna upgrade all of profiles and throw away older look

You can't.

  1. On March 30, 2012 your Page will automatically get the new design
  2. Until you publish your Page, you can see your old design any time

I am afraid Leo that you cant go back to the old version. I also switched to the new format just to check out how it is and now I am stuck with it. I liked the old interface for posting things on the Facebook page. This is just too much jumbled.

TimeLine is EVIL everybody hating yet being imposed :( , I am sure this medicine gona cure many Facebook addicts lolz.

It's not about just facebook, devils of youtube are gonna upgrade all channel designs to one single design for all, on march 7th.