HELP- Dany/ JAZZ Monitor device-- Signal out of reach message

Hello friends,

I got one of those danytech tv card thing to use with an old crt monitor.

My problem is, some channels come clear, while others i can hear sound but no picture and i get this message " signal out of reach " if i skip the channel and then go back it sometimes shows the channel which i was not able to previously watch but it does not store the channel and if i go to another channel and come back i will get the same " signal out of reach message " while i can hear the sound clearly.

Is it to do with resolution of the monitor or something else?

Please note that i am using the monitor alone, without PC, just as a TV screen. If it is resolution problem, how do i fix that or is it anything else?

Any help will be appreciated and thanks for reading my post and thanks in advance for any help/advice



It seems like a tuning problem. I don't have experience

using a DANY device, but usually in the tuning menu,

there will be options available regarding the format/freq

of the signals you wish to tune-in. You might have to

snoop around and tinker with, the menu in this device.

For example, in my device, there are three different

formats available for audio. Out of the three, one works

for all channels, while the rest will work for some, but

not for others and all I hear is static on a clear picture.

Yours seems the reverse.

Good luck.




Sheikh 'Deep Sea Diving' Chilli

I have checked again and again and there is no option to change the frequency.

I went to the shop where i got it from and he gave me a different one- it's called JAZZ tv box! It is doing the same thing and giving the same problem, some channels are showing clearly but some channels only have voice and no picture. Funny thing with this one is, i can manually tune the channel that is not showing picture when tunned automatically but again, once i move from that channel and try going back it's the same, no picture and only sound.

It's like these channels are not being saved when i tune them manually. I don't know what the problem is. Have spent the entire day doing just this :-(



Jazz is not a brand. AGN Computer Karachi own this name.