HELP >> D-Link router syncing issue


I am facing kind off weird issue. I recently bought D-Link Wifi router for my ptcl dsl but i face some problem often my net gets slow and doesn't work than I pull out ptcl line and make one or two call to 123 6 or 1218 and put it back it works. where as if I use PTCL's given router it works extremely fine like a charm but on that I am unable to have Wifi.

Currently i use directly line with my wifi router.

any suggestion and help


what is the ip range on the router and the ptcl modem ? are they both of the same? or different to 254 over D-Link router and its non the less same over ptlc default router too...

I guess there is nothing to do IPs or does it ?

It would help if you can tell us about your current settings on the router,

By the way the syncing issues are all over Pakistan nowadays make sure it is your router causing the problem.