HELP! 40" Bravia, Smart TV or What?

Hello, i need a new connection for my bravia as analog cable isnt good. All i care for is quality. And the monthly price shouldnt be alot. I dont know about dish services. I have only heard about sun tv, i live in rawalpindi so suggest me something which will provide the best quality? Should i go for smart tv or sun tv?

if you have gud telephone line and your DSL is working gud...then go for SmartTV it has gud picture quality....if u like buying the set top box....then u'll only have to pay monthly 300Rs..which is actually 174(line-rent) and 126(IPTV charges) its cheap!

y not dish tv

go for videocon dth smart tv is really crap i used for 4 months even ur line is good picture quality is not good i was on onu still it didnt gave good results its expensive as well go for a indian d2h and 1 dish for !@#$ channels it all will cost u 10000 and its hd as well videocon

I would ask you to go for suntv cauz its quality is best in Pakistan. They are using automatic bit rate system which restricts them to adjust only allowed channels in any of their frequencies that ultimately produces a high pure digital quality picture. I have seen smart tv and I believe that they are using less frequencies which reduces quality of few channels in any given frequency.

Hey bro u have a bravia either HD ready or full HD engine. So in order to get the best out of your bravia you should go for tata sky package cauz they are offering HD channels which includes sports channels as well. You can see here: I am a huge fan of HD content but unluckily here in Pakistan we are unable to get rid of analog and HD is years away.

^^ tatasky is basically all the indian crap!