Hello everyone i need a review for my website. Help :(

Hellooo Everyone i hope you all are doing great. Actually i wanted you people to help me out in reviewing my website that is http://www.downloadaudiosongs.com. I am using a complete responsive theme. Kindly check it out on different cellphones. Uploading a video song for a test would be a great help for me at this point of time. The website is currently allowing user to download songs in different formats, formats such as mp4,mp3. The website is still in its development phase. The design and other missing things we have noticed so far is under development. Your feedback would be of great help.


Sana Baig

very cute @ your hyperlinks in your post.

I like simple and to the point presentation and I think thats what your website is all about. May be you can make it bit fancy for a music kind of website. Overall its seem good from simplistic design. I do not have any know how of musci thing to comment on technical parts like streaming, download quality etc.

Bootstrap is good for responsive design. But I agree with above reviews. Simplicity is good, but for a music site, try adding a good logo and some music related graphical elements. A little of these will do, as a fast-loading site is better than a graphic or ads infested heavy site.

@sana baig

I still like the hyperlinks is your post *winks*

Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes for a music site, Designs matter a lot. We are in the process of our new simple design and i hope you people will like it.

@attock emm well thank you for liking them. :)

Kindly visit http://www.downloadaudiosongs.com and please use the search. We have done a lot of work regarding search.We have implemented elastic search and i hope you people will like it. Need your reviews guys.

Thank you

Just a few observations:

The "title of songs" on main page and the "no. of views", "length

of songs" and "tags" on specific song pages are not as distinct

and sharp to the eye, as compared to the about/share/report tabs

on your song pages, which are crisp and look great. A combination

of typeface, boldness and color selection adjustment might be in


On your main page, a marquee of songs would be nice, whereby one

can click on the end and get another crop of 6 selections, until s/he

decides to commit to, and enter that category. Just about every site

has those now.

Another thing that irked me was the staggered "length" and "views"

on the right side of the song pages. It feels something is out of whack,

like an 'indent' tag gone awry somewhere.

The listening volume on videos is pre-set. If I change the volume to

my preference, and skip to another song, I have to adjust the volume

again and again. Little thing, but a pain.

Lastly, and it's just my personal feeling that if you are a Pakistani, then

Pakistani songs should be on top of your website, then English & that

Bollywood, etc. As a Pakistani, it offends me and I feel as if I was on

enemy territory. But that's just silly old me.

You've done a good job with the drop-down navigation tabs on top.

They are crisp, light-up just right and are responsive. If you come up

with a cute logo, amass an impressive volume of songs then I don't

see why this website wouldn't be a hit.

It would be interesting to know what age & demographic group you're

trying to attract. Because you will want to spruce-up your website

accordingly. But there is one thing that's universal, and that's ease-of-

use. If I feel comfortable, I'll probably spend a lot more of my time there.

Sheikh 'Luddi Hai Jamalo!' Chilli

That's what he said.The Hindustani likes his senses overloaded with sickening smell and filth painted streets, raw street art and isn't it marvellous, so the lack of roach droppings in your schema is going to lose you a very populous and rapidly multiplying audience. I mean they don't even need calculators. They just click through.

But you have made amends by hosting corruption and theft, double time. For example, David Guetta - The World is Mine obviously samples Simple Minds, or even this. Hmm.

My suggestion: Pied Piper is a website which checks if your music or other audio is copyrighted or violates such protection for commercial work. @sana bucha what is the Weissman score for the compression you are using?

P.S. How you link me now?

Chooro sab batoon ko, bas @sana baig ke hyperlinks bohut wah wah hain

Thank you for your feedback. Keep checking back we are updating our website on regular basis. @copyrighted content. P.S see our copyright protection link in the footer.

Yes, You created A Good site, I already reviewed it.