Guys, i emailed two Admins on this forum & got no response

Can some other admin please explain in a reply if theres anything wrong with this post i'm making (instead of deleting it)

Much appreciated.

My name is Saad A.Ali, I'm 25, from Karachi, work as an HR manager at a reputed Software firm.

I also build these as a hobby (have been doing so for the past 2 years)

-Squash Ball Launchers

-Potato Launchers

-Paint Ball Launchers

-Tennis Ball Launchers

-Custom Round Launchers (BB Pellet Rounds, Paint Rounds, Rubber Rounds, Nail Rounds)



& here's a link to the official FB page (Contact details in the info tab)


Peace guys, check it out & let me know what you guys think! (Looking forward to some feedback from you guys here on this cool new forum)



NIce and interesting. :) Interesting hobby bro.


How much air pressure does the pump use??

I only make combustion engine guns (not air powered), so the gun in the video is also combustion powered (Uses butane or aerosol, along with a mix of oxygen to ignite & fire shots)

The pump is there only to introduce a fresh batch of air in the combustion chamber (after each shot) to ensure that the c02 rich air leaves, & new oxygen rich air enters the chamber,

Hope that provides some clarity,

Best regards

Which admins did you email?

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Which admins did you email?

he said admins not mods. :P

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he said admins not mods. :P


We’re all admins… so watch it :P

I mailed KO & am4tl

Did you guys get my message? Sent 2-3 days back

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We’re all admins… so watch it :P



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A brand new HB DragonTalon 3.1 GTR - Built on order for a customer -

Completion Time: 8 days

Order Completion Date: Jan 14th, 2011

Type: 3.1 GTR - Sqash ball launcher

Maximum horizontal lethal range: 450 Feet

45 Degree Firing Range: 930+ Feet

Price: PKR 4,800

Custom gun options starting from the basic model worth PKR 1,800.

Contact: HellBolt - Recreational & Sport Weaponry

Saad A.Ali (Founder)

(M) 0321-25-11-646

(E) Saad.hellbolt@gmail.com

City: Karachi, Pakistan.

Get Yours Built!

This one's a video of the previously built gun;


Those of you who are interested, can find HellBolt on Facebook.

Peace & best regards!