Height of Luxury or Hi-Tech

Lets gather pictures of some luxuries things, something amazingly hi-tech here.



This is undoubtedly the age of hi-tech gadgets. However, ever thought that someone could design a hi-tech cutlery set? Sounds far fetched? Not really! Alex Schulz is the designer who has come up with a computerized cutlery set, to keep a record of your intakes.

What's Different? IC3 concept is a cutlery set which includes a computerized fork, spoon and knife to add to your hi-tech kitchen.

Proper diet is necessary for each one of us and we should always be aware of our intake. IC3 is apt for measurement of the composition of our intakes. You can measure the fat, protein and carbohydrate content of the food you are eating with the computerized fork, the spoon helps you measure the weight and the knife lets you take temperature readings.


Hi Tech Kitchen Faucet


Imagine getting out of bed and stumble into the bathroom just like you do every morning. Generally you take care your business, flip on the light switch, and turn on the faucet. If you're like most people that blast of cold water on your face doesn't really feel good.

So you stumble around adjusting the faucet, a little to the left, a little to the right, until it's just right. Well forget about those days, because those days are over. Now, with the ant implementation of facial recognition technology we have the option of installing kitchen faucets with built-in facial recognition technology that will adjust the temperature of the water to each individual family member, automatically. And that's not all.

Everyone remembers mood rings and how the colors identified with what particular mood you are in. While this technology goes a step beyond and this faucet is able to illuminate the water in different colors, depending on your mood, and depending on what type of ambiance you would like to have. Now you have to admit that's pretty cool all by itself.

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Taking a Hi-Tech Shower in style

Everything is going digital today, so why not your shower as well?


You can replace those "analog" knobs for hot/cold water & shower with the The Grohe Ondus AquaFountain. The design is quite a head turner with all black waterproof casing, sleek handles coming out of a round, cylindrical base, and of course, the all digital interface creating a more precise temperature settings for the streaming water.

Here's how it works: Using the waterproof LCD touchpad, you can input desired temperature settings and save them to it's onboard memory – and there's even iconic male/female settings at a touch of a button. You can even preprogram the duration of your shower to save water. Additionally, if you get a call, hit the "pause" button and your shower will stop so you can quickly grab a towel and take the call, then return to the same temperature at the press of the play button. Incredible.

The highly arched shower head delivers either a steady waterfall or a gentle rain and the handle can be dislodged for those hard to reach areas or angles.

Wow, talk about high tech. Now that 5 minute shower that actually takes 30 minutes can truly last 5 minutes every day by programming it. But where's the fun in that?

LG's 31-inch OLED prototype to slice through IFA


OLED's failure to do anything for the mainstream so far outside of phone and camera displays is only bittersweet: sure, we don't have millimeter thick TVs yet, but LCD has gotten slim enough that it hardly matters. So, in keeping with tradition, LG has stolen its own OLED thunder today. In line with earlier rumors, it will be showing off a 0.11-inch thick 31-inch 3D OLED display prototype at IFA this week, but that poor little OLED-that-would will be sharing a booth with a ready for retail 0.35-inch thick LCD that comes in big people sizes. Despite our undying affection for OLED, we know which one we'll be (theoretically) taking home in the windowless van we (theoretically) plan on parking out behind the Messe Berlin.

Audi Rekindles The Luxury Flame


One of the biggest names in luxury automobiles, Audi, has now brought about the rebirth of luxury in its advertising campaign, with the introduction of an all new commercial designed to be run during the Super Bowl 2011 championships. With this new advertisement, Audi has now fallen back on to its traditional emphasis on luxury. For some time now this German luxury car manufacturer had been apprising the consumers and public in general as to the technical marvels and advancements made in the field of automobile technology. However, with this new advertisement, Audi is publicizing the immense luxury and comfort that comes with an Audi branded sedan.

The all new Super Bowl commercial for Audi has been designed and developed by Venables Bell & Partners, an advertising agency based in San Francisco and the entire advertisement is inspired from the children's book 'Goodnight Moon'. The commercial shows a massive villa and takes the audience through a number of grand rooms and shows the unbound luxury that epitomizes an Audi automobile. This advertisement is not only the resurrection of Audi's luxurious reputation, but is also directly aimed at undermining another major German auto manufacturer, Mercedes Benz.

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Are bored with the classic iPhone/iPod earbuds

Try This:


They are no ordinary earbuds, they are the world's most expensive ones for Apple products and with good reason too. They are beautifully decorated with round brilliant cut diamonds in micro-pave setting. They certainly look gorgeous without being too shiny. The white gold compliments the frosty diamonds nicely.



They certainly look gorgeous without being too shiny. The white gold compliments the frosty diamonds nicely.

Bored of iPhone 3gs :)

Get this:


This is the world's most Expensive Phone with a total construction cost of £5 Million. The bezel is handmade from rose with approx 500 individual flawless Diamonds which total over 100ct.The rear section is formed using Rose Gold with the added touch of its rose gold Apple logo and 53 Diamonds.


The chest which houses this Unique Handset is made from a single block of Granite , in Imperial Pink with the inner lined with Nubuck top grain leather , which weight is a massive 7kg. You will definitely Love to have if you can Purchase it.

Price is £5,000,000.00.

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Get this:

Luxury Mega Yacht

10,000 Square Feet Floating Super-Mansion

A Floating Home which looks like a ship of the sea and personal cruise ship and used for private parties only. At over 175 feet long and 100 feet wide there is room for a dozen guests and just as many crew members to run this water-riding resort. This ship is a joint design venture for sale from yacht-maker Wally and French luxury brand Hermès, truly a stunning blend of nautical engineering and high style.








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Crystal USB Pendants


Philips and Swarovski have teamed up to create a collection of crystal USB pendants. The devices provide a place for fashionistas to store their important information. Gadget Candy notes, "Heart Ware and Heart Beat are worn as pendants and open to reveal a USB key with 1GB of memory – that's space for around 1000 photos or 250 songs! The Lock In and Lock Out babies attach to a keychain and also flash 1GB innards.

Solid Gold Supercars


Gold is not only a material for jewelry or a good investment; it's also a superb way to decorate a car, as with this gold Audi R8.

The gold Audi R8 has provoked a gold rush in Dubai, where it has attracted a significant amount of attention. Unlike the bright chrome mirror finishes we've seen on other supercars, this gold Audi R8 features a matte finish.


Sleep With the Fish Without Getting Wet


Ever wanted to sleep 20 feet below the waves of the Indian Ocean but instead of falling asleep to the TV, how about thousands of silver fish surrounded by a colorful coral reef while encased in clear glass tube? The dream is a reality, if you have some cash. In the Maldives, in a semicircular translucent tube that turns royal blue as the sun sets. This glass cocoon is puts new meaning in waterfront real estate and ocean view dining.