Height of cold attitude by Muslim Commercial Bank


Just today i got a call from my manager in America that he has sent salary of two employees through some service in karachi and the amount had to be collected from MCB in I-8 markaz. I reached to their office at 2 o clock sharp. I door was closed and there were few people inside who were sitting to get their transactions processed. Since the bank would be closed tomorrow and the day after it would be EID so i requested the guard to let me in. The efficient guard nodded his head and said sorry i cant let you in as the time is closed. Yea, he was right the time was over but do we religiously follow strict timings when we have to come to office? Do the bank employees realise the importance of time when they are processing the requests of the people. I and many of us have had happened to see people sitting or standing in queues and waiting for their turn while the bank staff is either working slowly or talking to each other and often only 1-2 personnels are processing the requests while there are several other counters empty.

I asked the guard to take permission from any senior manager as the amount that had to be collected was the salary of two employees and they had to leave for their village. Without their salary how could they spend their eid? this thought just made me shivered and i got so hell tensed that i had to take this amount else it will ruin their eid. So i stood for twenty minutes waiting for the guard to come and see if he got any success.

Infront of the door was the desk of customer services officer and she just started explaining me that time is over and that they wont process anything later than this time. I was so hell furious as if you put yourself in my shoes you would realise. I was thinking are we so stone cold that they dont realise that its the money of the customers and if they cant get their money on time for Eid , what is the use of bank services? Is this the quality of service that bank boasts? Are the rules and regulations above the humanity? If it would have been the issue of any MCB employee , do you think he would be treated the same way? Was this justification enough and does it serves the purpose?

Two or three employees gathered up and said to the guard to close the door and that they wont process this request. I had nothing to do but to leave the premises and come back empty handed. I cant forget the sadness i saw in the eyes of the two employees when i told them that the bank didnt entertained their case and that they have to go empty handed back to their family and spend the Eid as it is.

Personally speaking i am so much depressed by this treatment, if it would have been any other occassion it would be fine but atleast they should have considered the issue as it was EID and we as a Nation hardly get any chance to spend some good time with family.

I have decided not to ever use the services of MCB and shall never open any account with them. May be this wont do much to them but if many of us follow it will greatly impact.

I would like to sympathize with you, but the bank was

perfectly within it's right to refuse service after hours.

Everybody knows the change in banking hours during

Ramzan. You, unfortunately, arrived late. The argument

that "but do we religiously follow strict timings when..."

is without merit. Fact of the matter is, you have no one

to blame but yourself. MCB did things by the book.

I would instead, argue that there is no good reason why

there should be a change in timings of anything, because

of Ramzan. We are denying the basic premise and value of

this holy month, if we curtail our work activities and scale

down (our already pathetic) output.

Muslims have fought wars during fasting. They didn't ask for

a time-out because "roza lag raha hai... chakkar aa rahay

hain... pait mein dard ho raha hai...". Folks should work the

whole day and earn halal kee rozi, specially in this month. I am

sick of everybody giving the roza excuse for sleeping on the

job, literally.

Some offices close at 2:00pm, others at 3:30, some at 5:00pm.

Everybody is doing their own thing in Ramzan. If we had a Govt

I'd have asked them to look into it.




Sheikh 'Medieval' Chilli

I have to agree with Shiekh Chilli on this one. It was wrong but it is not the bank's fault.

It is not MCB's fault by the way. Bank are the only institution in our country that follow strict timings. Yes i have seen cases where they do extend their timings but not for a single person.

Vote Shiekh Chilli for PM :P

Whenever there is a terrorism incident in Lahore, my area's MCB branch close the doors even its 11am, and they never let you in after that, and in normal days if you wanna do any transaction "ONLINE" they always say Not available though a big board outside says this branch is "Online", my area branch even don't have any ATM machine, and nearby branches where they have they are always down. I have visited 2-3 branches in different areas also and their staff was also very rude! So you are quite right about that. You should rather opt for other banks like Meezan, NIB, Soneri as they need more and more customers so they respect customers :D

I have an account with Bank Islami for over a year and there Customer services is great.


hmmm,,,, looks like you just signed up for WP forum just to inject your news upon us.

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I have decided not to ever use the services of MCB and shall never open any account with them. May be this wont do much to them but if many of us follow it will greatly impact.

anyway, i am a very satisfied customer of MCB , and i respectfully decline your suggestion for me to close my account there.

MCB right

You wrong

S.Chilli about timings WRONG!!

Even if the companies get off by 2,3 or 5 they still complete their working hours minus break (7 hours). Your office may be close to your home and you may travel by car, but there are others who have to wake up 3 hours early to get to their offices via a roof filled bus.

@kamran1x1 ........ i dont need to inject my news upon you, as you can see i have quite a few posts on my blog and i dont paste them on other forums..... i wanted people to know something and i did that....

and my only focus was..... The bank officials said its 2:00 pm sharp sorry the bank is closed.... According to the bank books, bank should start its transactions at 9:00 am sharp but do really start their transactions at 9 am>???????

How many banks follow strict timings i know pretty well as i myself have been working in a bank for 1.5 years. Secondly there will be many people who will agree with me on timing issues, they dont start the work at 9 but if its 5........ then they shut the door n remind the people Sorry we are closed!!!

n if u want to see 9 am timing delay..... u can always go to UBL Jinnah avenue branch, its their head office and they are never on time ....

what do u say about this now????

^ Your logic is flawed. Two wrongs don't make a right. Your argument will be valid if you showed up at the banks doorstep at 9 AM sharp and demanded they provide you service (if they're closed). So instead of arguing that they be open past their closing time (which makes you sound hypocritical since you're in favor of fairness, punctuality, humanity and all that goodie goodness), make the argument that you expect them to be open when they say they'll be open.

By insisting they should have serviced you after closing time, you're only encouraging them to be less punctual and giving them an excuse to not open at 9 AM sharp.

MCB right

You wrong

Try to be punctual and not lazy like me. :)

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as you can see i have quite a few posts on my blog

According to my experience most of them are “REPRODUCED VERSIONS”, no offense

banking in Pakistan is pathetic, no about that