HEC scholarship test for FATA-Balochistan: Need Guidance


I am going to give test of HEC(Higher Education Commission) scholarship for FATA-Balochistan. It will be on 26th of this month. I have never heard of it before. I only came to know about it when one of my cousin's friend got selected for Ayyub Medical College last year. The best thing is that HEC bears all expenses of selected students for any private college/university.

This test includes five subjects:





General Knowledge.

And the test will be conducted by NTS.

One of my friend told me to read Dogar's "Who is Who What is What" for this test. I am not satisfied with that only book. Kindly, I want your help for this purpose, please suggest me any books regarding this test if you know or your friends. I will greatly appreciate this. and the time is very near for the test.

P.S: The actual test will be on 8th August 2010. There is an early test on 26th June in which those students who will qualify, provided by an opportunity to take Foundation Course classes. In those classes the well known teachers will practice students for the actual test.


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One more time asking for guidence. I have heard that those students who attend the foundation course have provided some sort of 'Notes'. Do you know about these notes or your friends?

EDITED: Can any of you refer me some General knowledge books?