Heard about Nokia N8 Producers? An opportunity for Video Producers

Ah.. I know it's quite late I am informing about it here. But I just got in my mind that I really needed to share it with you. But there's still a time to submit your entries...

Wish to have a Zero-G Experience? here is a chance..

This was the contest held (later last month) by Nokia specially for the people having innovative Video Production ideas.

I just thought there are people in Pakistan and I've noticed some ones on WP forums having interests in still photography. So they also may have good sense of video production as well..

Any ways. In short... If you are interested to participate in such a contest. Just go ahead, shoot your production on Nokia N8 and submit on YouTube or Vimeo in a well instructed way...

Nokia N8 Producers Page

Don't have Nokia N8?

Don't worry... You will have an opportunity to get a trial package of Nokia N8 with special accessories for video production. What do you need to do, is to submit your production idea and get a chance to be rewarded with a trial package of Nokia N8.

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Capture your skills in action or tell the story you always wanted, share it with the world and you could be on your way to an amazing Zero Gravity experience! We will be sending the eight best producers along with one lucky friend each into Zero G!

Thanks for your input but unfortunately still and motion pictures are two different disciplines, and hence you will find that most users won't have knowledge of each other.

BTW Awesome vids, and awesome N8

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unfortunately still and motion pictures are two different disciplines

Yeh of course they are… I just assumed that some may have interest in producing films as well…