HDD's Prices skyrocketing!

hear in england prices have gone crazy. a samsung F4 2TB was about £50 a week or so ago and is now £149.99 because of the flooding in thailand closing factories that produce components.

what are the prices like over in pakistan?

approx 1200 rs increased on selected hd's here in pakistan

Western Digital 1 TB Passport Essential was available for Rs 8400 a month ago but now, it is for Rs 9200-9500. The reason could be obviously what you have mentioned about Thailand because WD factory is in Thailand.

Did this affect Seagate too?

Just when I thought of buying a new HDD. :(

Seagate prices have increased also by the same amount I listed above.

Glad I got two WD HDDs just last week. Had to pay PKR1K extra over the price the day before the purchase and was told that something like this (further increase in prices) was going to happen.

all hard drives now have been effected, all companies, it's not the factory that makes the hard drives that has been effected, but the factory that makes (i think) the moters for the hard drives.

WD and Seagate supply parts to many hard disk assembling companies who then sell hard disks by mentioning their own brand names. If basic supply is effected, the ultimate result would be fluctuation in final supplies and prices. The problem with WD is obvious but what problem Seagate has, it is not clear. Sometimes, black marketers also influence greatly the overall prices of similar products. If supply for one product is down, demand for alternate increases, resulting in providing a chance to black marketers or even production companies to over charge and play with the demand and supply.

Isn't it strange, that when the international prices of hardware increases, our local retailers are the first to increase their prices.....

(as per my last visit to local market 2 days ago, there was no shortage of hard drives here.)

......when the prices decrease they are the last to decrease their prices.

For example a intel i3 540 processor prices have fallen to below (100 usd) less then 8600 rs (source newegg)

while in the local market it is still selling for (119 usd)10200 rs.

bad news :( I had a plan to buy 1TB HD and 1TB PE just before Eid ^_^. what you suggest? do I order now? or wait couple of weeks more?

^ Wait.

Or go to some shop having old stock still selling at old prices.

[quote=“Asad, post:12, topic:15909”]

^ Wait.

Or go to some shop having old stock still selling at old prices.


Difficult is it to find. People need a chance to sell in black.

[quote=“Asad, post:12, topic:15909”]

^ Wait.

Or go to some shop having old stock still selling at old prices.


Nobody is going to sell old stock at old prices, I visited the market yesterday the vendors have increased the prices of used HDDs

if anyone really needs to get a HDD get it now, dont wait, because it's going to be something like 6 months before prices start to drop, if you can wait, just wait it out.

as for Pakistan's supply prices of components being high compared to Newegg, it's because your local electronics shop cant buy the amounts Newegg does to get the discounts on bulk orders. so prices will be high. they buy hundreds of thousands of CPU's at a time, this makes the price per unit much less, compared to a local pakistani (or any for that matter) computer store which would buy what a hundred or less.

plus import tax's on electronics in pakistan are added.

^ Distributors like POP and Marsons do import in quantity but they charge their own profit and the retailer further charges his own profit. Hence, the higher prices.

I don't think keeping the prices low is exactly a priority with these distributors and retailers.


So, due to shortage, they aren't able to post rates on their website, yet they're able to provide it via call... :rolleyes:

I was hoping for the price of 3TB HDD to come down.. and now this has happened :angry:


galaxy has increased their prices by 85 % (and up to 100 % more on specific hard disks).

Prices on amazon and newegg (online hardware sellers) have also increased their prices dramatically.

Intel predicts that the hardisk shortfall will last into the first quarter of 2012 and will affect pc sales worldwide. Full story below:


By now probably all of you know that thanks to floods in Thailand we have high rise in prices of harddisk drives. Seagate's CEO/President (can't recall who) said it will take about a year (probably end of 2012) to bring down prices. However, the way businesses and economies work is that prices will probably won't come down that easily. They'll keep the prices up to earn more profit.

My suggestion is that if you are planning to buy HDD and you have more budget then get an SSD instead of HDD. SSD is much more faster and as prices are getting closer, SSD make sense. If more people start buying more SSD then within couple of years SSD prices probably come down more quickly then HDD. That's my personal opinion.