Hdd help

i want to buy a hdd for my desktop...internal.....so whats the price...how much do i need to carry to buy a hdd of 250-500 gb range?...help would be appreciated!...thnx much!

here check the price list from Galaxy and make your decision


WD 250GB costs about 4500 rupees.

I would recommend "Maxtor 500GB 3.5" HDD SATA-II 7200RPM 16MB Cache (STM3500320AS)" , price is Rs. 5400 listed on Galaxy.com

Bigger and smaller hard disk cost much more per GB, so this is the best deal.

Maxtor is not a name I would trust for my computer considering their failure rates with HDDs previously. I don't know about their products now but a few years back, their name was mud alongside IBM "DeathStar".

See what happens to IBM "DeathStar" HDDs: http://www.astro.ufl.edu/~ken/crash/index.html

the name is scary enough "DeathStar" :D

I think my cousin bought a WD Green edition Caviar 500gb for around 5400-5600.

^Go For WD or Seagate! don't try to be different! Maxtor Or some other brand would be an experiment in my opinion

seagate ftw!

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the name is scary enough “DeathStar” :D

IIRC, its real name was IBM GXP. You can confirm the name by googling it. “DeathStar” was a nickname given to it because of its failure rate of over 6%. A class action lawsuit was also filed against IBM for knowingly selling defective products to consumers.

Maxtor is owned by Seagate btw :)

^ It was bought by Seagate in 2006.

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Maxtor is owned by Seagate btw :)

But that doesn’t means its the same thing, does it?

Western Digital is a good brand and a cheap one too

get a WD one...

thnx every 1....i have to get a wireless router as well as a hdd cse my old hdd...which is 80 gb is overflowing with data....resulting in a dvd almost every two to three days....so ill see the galaxy link thnx fakeera!...and thhnx all others...i think western digital is the safest choice as i have used there portable hdds before!....also another question is seagate own maxtor then why not maxtor....btw i think my old hdd is maxtor and it hasnt given me any problem in 6 years!