HD prices Will HDD prices go down ! :P

Is there any scope of prices of hd upto 500 Gb going down in near future ?

i dont think so cuz its stuck at that level since a long time... so... i dont see any real change in near future...

it would probably go up soon given the further devaluation of the PKR against the USD

so no chance of prices being dropped =(

NO chance and Also dollar $ rates was increasing day by day.

It can go down but not that much. You can check in after 6 months.

I think by next year we will be buying 740 GB for Rs5000.

BTW yousaf465

Could you change topic to "Will HDD prices go down !!"

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BTW yousaf465

Could you change topic to “Will HDD prices go down !!”


Just as you asked for …

I think the prices in the international market are pretty low.. would be nice if you could order one.. need a 1tb or 2tb hd

Then buy two 500gb hd and add software or hardware raid.

HDD prices gone down significantly


i bought a 500 gb seagate hard disk for about 4800 rs just about a year back, now they are 4200 rs according to galaxy,,,

so they have gone down a bit

^ I bought one 2-3 weeks back @ 4.7K. :(

what cache size do you have on the hd asad????


Here we have prices hovers over a same range for very long time due to the devaluation of the Rupee against Dollars. In the intl. market price goes down but at the same time out currency goes down, so the Price seems stagnant;

Seagate 2TB was at Rs. 22,000 just a few days back, but now it's Rs. 13,400 at Galaxy, which is really a drastic change