HD Cable or Satellite Service

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I hail from Peshawar, and recently I bought two HD TVs and I want to utilize their true potential. I have no idea of the market and or the services etc., so rightfully I came here to get some opinions. What I want is a cable/dish service that offers FHD channels along with Pakistani channels. I've heard there are Indian satellite services but I don't want Indian channels or at the very least minimum Indian channels. I would be happy to get 100 channels that should include:

1) Infotainment channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, Travel, Animal Planet etc.

2) Sports channels

3) English Movies and Drama channels

4) Pakistani channels (News, Drama)

Since both my TV's are Full HD, so naturally the service I want is 1080i/p. How is the 720p service btw? Please state the cost of it all along with the subscription fees, because naturally I want it at nominal cost. Regards!

You may get PTCL SmartTV subscription at around 499 p/m. It's not FHD but very good quality and looks good on a 32" FHD screen.

Otherwise, your only option will be DishTV HD service, which comprises mostly of Indian channel, with only a handful of Pakistani channels. Some English channels are also included. Monthly subscription price ranges from 600 p/m and above.

Thank you for your comments SupMa5TER, PTCL SmarTV is not an option since it doesn't work on multiple TVs and the quality is average at best. I would love to get some experts' comments here or people who has been using them.

Unfortunately there are not many options in Pakistan. We have discussed this many times before. Smart TV as you said is not an option, check your local cable if they are providing digital services but i doubt that, DWN is also not available in Peshawar. so satellite is the ONLY option to choose. Dish TV is one of the Indian DTH service provider with max num of FHD channels with cheap monthly subscription. You might not get Pakistani channels on any Indian DTH but a separate motorized dish and receiver will give you the option to move from one sat to another to get max Pakistani channels if you can afford.