Having problems with IDM (internet download manager)

I am using 5.19 version(cracked & trail)... Its was working fine 2 or 3 Days back but now when ever I try dload any video from youtube, IDM doesn't show full video size in the options. Lets say a supposed video of 20MB size it not shown as 20MB but in parts like 1MB, 1.5MB 1.3MB....

This is happening in youtube. A youtube video added/shown somewhere else seems to be fine... what could be the problem? Is anybody else facing this problem?

^ may be the old version of IDM is not compatible to the new youtube layout of flash player ??

well it was, at least 3 days ago with same layout of youtube.

Maybe its due to patching of IDM cause I was using it as trial version from with some missing features. Than i patched it to get all feature working and they did work but last few days it started to give me above stated problem.... and I am contently having an error about the serial key... you know having been connected to internet and IDM sending all the info to IDM servers... They caught me :|

i'm also using the same version (5.19) and it's still working okay, downloaded many videos from youtube in the last 4-5 days

^ try changing your browser :D

I cannot do that....

ok then uninstall the IDM, delete all related registry, perform a clean installation of 5.16 (most stable version for me) and apply the cracks etc. Hope this will solve the problem.

I have done that except for the registry settings Cause I don't know how to do that properly without f***ing up something else...

A new install still gives me same problem i.e. asking for a key now .... I am unable to dload anything from it.

^ It ight work or not but in setting try to integrate the IDM in browser again, Restart the browser.

Nop not working.... now it I can't even make it integrate into the browser anymore.... So now its either removing the registry setting OR I can install it upon my next XP re-install :|

Well, just uninstall current one, restart your computer and then install same version again and then open it, it will say you that your key is Fake..Blah Blah!, ignore it get to the window of IDM, close IDM (also from system tray, near the clock) then apply patch..Samething happens when I try to install IDM 6.01 Beta 5.. Can I post key here??


Why not you use Orbit download manager or flv browser?

may be its a beta version. try some other version. Its working fine with me