Having Issues with connecting to PTCL Wireless service through my Lapt

I have PTCL wireless modem (AN 1020-25), it is working properly in case of wired connection. But there are some issues while its connectivity through WIFI in my laptop which has an internal WIFI card. It shows the PTCL wireless network in the Available Wireless Networks option and when I connect after giving password (12345678, i hope it is right) it starts connecting to the network but eventually it does not connect. Please help me in this regard.


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when I connect after giving password (12345678, i hope it is right)

What do you mean by ‘I hope it is right’?

If you havent set a password in the modem then it wont have any password.... just connect as is, without password..... and if it asks for a password and u dont have, log in to your modem and change the password that u want it to be, either case.... change your password to pvt. one

nab:- i have confirmed that the password is correct by checking in DSL router settings Page. Actually i meant the network key that is used for connecting to PTCL Wireless BroadBand. the problem lies futher after network key is given and when it starts connecting to the network. So. please help me out if possible!!

does it give messg AQURING NETWORK CONNECTION.....coz ived got the same problem i sorted that in the router security setting select the security access as automatic and at WPA and than give password after than connect it....inshAllah youll be good to go...

hey guys, just dont want to hijack the topic. but i want to put a WPA or WEP keyon my network to make it secure. please tell me how to setup wpa on my wlan

its dhcp problem comes with faulty modems dumped into markets by ptcl. there is no permanent solution.


Go to your WiFi router's page and then you will see 'wireless' then something like 'wireless security' and select WPA or WPA 2 (as WEP is not recommended), then enter your password/keyphrase.

i want to change my password W line so Pl z tell me about that thanks