Have To Spend 100K?

Hello Guys !!
I have to make a tough decision , wether i can buy a console (PS4 , XBOX 1) OR Buy A Gaming PC for 100K i need high ultra settings for games with 1080P but the problem Is PC wont Last Long as, The new Hardware comes last one gets old and again we have to buy new one so buying a PC is like just spending spending and so on ,, SO if i buy PS4 or Xbox1 This is 1 time investment But i havn'e used a console ever , this is first time if i buy , the problem is also with consoles we should buy the games for 5-7k for this at this PC has an advantage we can download and run simple ,, but in consoles its a bit probelm so what should i DO ?? i Need your Opinions ..
Any help Would appreciated
Regards : Hadi

Both has PROS and CONS consider them before making the decision and its totally upto you. I totally agree with you on PC its always left behind no matter how much you keep on upgrading it but i personally prefer PC kyun ke jo maza PC mein hai woh aur kisi cheez mein nahi hai and now about the consoles you still can crack the console and play 100 wali dvd on it unless you don't wanna play online and i can't say for sure the xbox one and ps4 can be cracked yet maybe some other member can help you better with it and i have also noticed that games for xbox one and ps4 also comes in digital form which mean's you don't need to buy Rs5k too Rs 7k cd but you can download it for Rs3k to 4k here is the link to store http://www.keysteez.com/kt/games/