Have to buy a Television, Suggestion needed


its been very long i am not much into television.

but now i have to buy one for my room

I have no idea what im gonna get as my budget is 20K. and i need screen size between 19 to 21 or 23 inches

wanna hav a rough idea what im gonna get ?

is it possible to get one LCD or LED? wats the difference ?

recommendation please.

your budget is too much low so you can't go for lcd led but you can buy TFT

They are nearly the same. Both have a liquid crystal display screen. The only major difference between the two is that older or less expensive sets use a fluorescent lamp for the backlight, while an "LED" set uses a bank of light emitting diodes.

The LED backlighting uses less electrical power than the fluorescent lamp. There are two versions, "edge" lighting and "full matrix." Edge-lit sets can be very thin. Full matrix sets allow for "local dimming," which can bring improved contrast in specific areas of the screen.

However, don't look for a *major* difference in picture quality. The HD picture on an "LED" set will be difficult to distinguish from a very good conventional LCD set.

thanx man

whats the three kinds. the difference. LED is surely high quality i think.


Plasma TV


i hv seen this


its in the range almost.

please explain a little.

Well, all of those are HD. It's the difference in the method they get the picture on the screen with. LCD is liquid crystal diode. LED is Light Emitting Diode and Plasma uses excited noble gas particles I think. It's also the least bright, and they use a fan to cool them so they make noise. another type of tv you forget to mention "HD Ready" - this means the TV is capable of HD playback if you hook up an HD device, but does not have a built in TV tuner. The word 'Ready' simply means no HD tuner. But you can hook up a cable/satellite set top box or a BluRay player and it will play HD without any problems.

thanx very much armanda.

can you please givme a short review of the oone sony kdl-22bx320

link is 2 posts above.