Have a questions about study subject chosing

what subject is good for girls after completing SSC (matric) i mean which is good to chose please suggestions

Whatever the girl is interested in...

What to specify for girls! They can do every thing. just follow what your mind says.

If you want advise for typical girlee subjects then go for F.A don't touch science.

Cooking and Sewing Subjects....! :)

^That specific subject is called home-economics.

In which subject is the grl intereted in?

Now a days grlz are moving towards commerce....

It really depends on what a grl's interests are....

I might say that B.B.A or B.Com

^so can you explain how to do BBA/B.com directly after matric?

^ :lol:

Hmmmm if she was good with science in matric the tell her to do fsc. Other wise if you need a girly advice. Tell her to stay home, make some drawings and do a lil bit cooking...

what do you think about ICS

Intermediate Programs:

F.Sc (Pre-Engineering)

F.Sc (Pre-Medical)




which is good for girl

Normally Girls are more interested in Bio Subjects....So F.Sc Pre Medical is a good Option!

Well.... If she wants to be a dr than go for pre-medical....

If not i thnk ICS is better...

The most important thing is if the grl wil be allowed to do job in future than she must go for pre-engineering , ICS or pre-medical....

Otherwise just do simple F.A and after that do B.A....

Fsc- Pregineering is quite difficult. I am doing it and i know. You have to study very much and stay alert and have to attend all lectures. While I.Com is very easy. ICS is somehow difficult due to Maths.

Its depend on student that he like or want to study much or just i want to survive with little efforts :)

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For yourself technology, gadgets, OS etc

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