Have a problem with Beurer Blood Pressure Monitor BM35

Dear Friends,

I have a Beurer Blood Pressure Tester BM35 which name plate image is attached. I am facing a problem that the results which we taken from this device doesn’t match with the results with doctor’s manual instrument. I did a test and checked my BP 6 times, the time interval of each test was 2-3min. The results were as following;

Pulses SYSmmHG DIAmmHG

60 116 80

64 130 91

60 118 85

64 111 94

57 122 81

69 120 87

Can any body share with me his experience for a correct use of this equipment?


Automatic blood pressure monitors do not give the accurate results. A little movement of muscles alters the result. Doctors always use manual mercury filled B.P. apparatus. You can confirm it from a doctor. B)

my father bought a wrist blood pressure monitor few years back, it is working fine, it always gives 4-6 units extra in SYSmmHG i believe thats the case with all the auto-blood pressure measurement devices.

Also when i asked a doctor (who owns a upper arm monitor) about it he said that the best way to take three readings and then take the averages. :)

And there are so many things that affect the reading. Even a slight movement of muscle affects the readings.


It's bit off-topic but is everything okay? Why are you checking your blood pressure?