Have a problem loading xp after formating my hd

after formating my hard disk i decided to load xp on c: but it stops on loading on 56% and gives this error modem.

sys cannot be load,,

if i tell to skip it,,it gives me passport.sys cannot be loaded..

i have dvdrw and a original copy of xp (6 years old i might add)

i have changed my hd cable, borrowed a xp cd from a friend,,changed my dvdrw to dvdrom,,nothing is working

whats the problem???

seems to be a problem with HDD!!!!

I had a same problem but it was due to BD SECTOR in HDD!!!

yah i too think there is a prob with your harddisk

may be you have bad sectors.......

first try installing with another cd!

get the latest sp3 msdn iso!

waisy I got installed sp3 but I found its boot very slow...otherwise the sp3 is ok...why not again sp2!!!...

the error u mentioned i also get frequently but for change of cd does trick , hope ur cd rom drive is new enough to read a little ragged cds

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waisy I got installed sp3 but I found its boot very slow…otherwise the sp3 is ok…why not again sp2!!!..

Thats not true

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Thats not true


I have got it written on many blogs and other computer related sites!!!

and i personally found that problem too!!!

its boot-up is not very quick!!!

dogarsahab>>i have checked for bad sector but my hard drive has no bad sector

smeagle..i got another new windows xp cd with sp 2 but it gives the same error,

"modem.sys cannot be loaded please press enter to try again". then it starts spiting up error after error

i will get the sp3 versian of xp and try again

i have loaded vista in the meanwhile and it is giving me some errors too,,some system or that system seems to be shutting down all the time and the computer keeps rebooting. :(

in xp i uploaded an msi pci xpress card software which gave me predefined wallpaper and utlity since i have a msi pci xpress card. i got rid of the software because it was a pain in the neck and xp has never been the same. then i tried to format and reistall xp and it is giving me the above problems..

in the meanwhile i am still stuck??

^As a last hope, try resetting the bious by pulling out the battery and also pull out and reinstall the ram than format the primary partition and install xp sp2 on it. hope it works!

ur problem is same as i mine, pl do try the above method it should work...

got the sonfa%$#

went to this website to solve problem


also pulled out a 1 gb kington (under warranty which i recently installed) memory stick and it finally installed xp

i dont know if it was the mbr or what,,

by the way thnx for all your suggestion guys,,i appreciate it

there is xp cd known as window injection if i m not mistaken it writes window to h/d rather than using installer try that may be that wud work ,

another interesting i did was when the above mentioned will come though with different file name i wud insert another xp cd and installation wud continue but after installation window wud warn me again and again about different file versions,

if there is bad sector then how it can be detected and eliminated?

when u run dish check utility in window , xp automatically quarantines the bad sector,

in run box write "chkdsk"