Has PTA blocked this youtube channel?

Guys I cant open this youtube channel from PTCL broadband. http://www.youtube.com/user/TAKMEELEPAKISTAN

I get the message: This Site is Restricted

These guys are doing things which were causing pain in the governments &^&%. So I wont be surprised if this turns out to be true. Can anyone confirm please?

I can open this YouTube channel. I am using





Sheikh 'Arms Wide Open' Chilli

PS: OK, now I am getting the "This Site is

Restricted" message as well. Oh, well.

Opens fine on PTCL

Working fine here too using MBL.


Youtube is ON

Worldcall, Wateen.

Get this msg "By the order of Mr 10% this site has been Restricted for under age viewing " :P

Site restricted on MBL.

Restricted on PTCL Vfone.

This Site is Restricted : Maxcom

Zaid hamid videos on it .....

China, Iran..... & now Pakistan.

ISP: Wateen

Location: Rawalpindi

Linked (YouTube's channel) opened.

Hmm... Seems like right now its blocked on PTCL and MBL in Islamabad and Maxcom in Karachi. Commander Zardari's ass is on fire. But not to worry too much. Those guys cant block the videos on the channel. There are far too many to be individually blocked and new are added everyday.

One thing is proven now though, Zaid Hamid has really gotten under the governments skin. Waiting to see what they try to do to keep him off the TV channels now.

The wankers only seem to have placed a url specific ban on the channel so removing "user" form the url opens the channel up nicely.



Restricted on PTCL.

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Site restricted on MBL.

They’re just blocking it now and then, its working again here using MBL. Just checked now and last night it was working too.

Maybe its banned on some IP ranges & not on all.

Channel ban on PTCL.

working fine on wateen , its great channel dont know why they want to block it