Has anyone used Aurora UPS'

These are supposedly pure sine wave UPS' and available at metro Karachi.

The 2000va 1350W costs 32k

The 1400va 700W costs 22k

I only need a UPS for my PC which uses around 500W when I am gaming (counting the 24" LED and Wifi Modem). Would appreciate if someone can suggest some alternatives, I have never heard of the brand Aurora hence the skepticism.

^ My brother used it at his home for about 3 years before it died and is lying with me for repair.

It is a sinewave UPS and it served very well. Mostly it is available at Metro stores.

I'm using two for more than 2 years now, and they are working very well. Repaired a couple of times, and it is FAN always that stop working due to dust.

One is 6000 VA (3000 Watt) and other is 3000 VA (1500 Watt)

Which batteries have you been using with them? I read the manual and it recommended to use sealed batteries (I think). How do they fare with wet lead acid batteries?

I’m using Osaka/Volta IT series batteries

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