Has anyone got FaceTime to work?

On the iphone 4. I'm on warid and it's stuck on 'waiting for activation'. Apparently it only works on Mobilink postpaid but that's just according to one blog post which comes up after a google search. Has it worked for anyone here?

I think Facetime only works over WiFi. Are you trying to use it over EDGE (normal mobile internet)? Check this link:


Yeah I know that. The thing is I don't even get the option to use it. See what happens is that it gets activated over the cellular network and then if you wanna use it use need wifi. So its stuck like the pic in the link here (waiting for activation).

Hmmm. Interesting. I am no iPhone expert but still. Have you jailbroken your iPhone? I read it in some forums that jailbreaking the phone may cause this problem. Also does your regular EDGE internet work in the iPhone browser? Also try this. Borrow a Mobilink Postpaid SIM from someone you know, use it to activate the service and then reinsert your own sim.

Also, was this iPhone bought in the Middle East? I have heard that Facetime is blocked over there and Apple sold special units there that didn't have the FaceTime functionality. Read here for details:


I am using Iphone 3GS with Mobilink Indigo Services! but it simply works as worst internet of old days! I never knew that other network also provide similar kind of services :(

i am using Facetime! on Iphone 4 with Mobilink indigo! and LDN wifi! it works great! My cousin also have iphone 4 Factory unlocked version using jazz works great, previously he had warid sim, did not work! as i change it with my sim (indigo) Facetime activated! (MMS/GPRS must be activated) so then he replace his sim with Mobilink Jazz! Now my many family members have iphone 4 we use facetime all the time!

But i have o2 UK iphone 4! (Jailbreak 4.1 Baseband 1.59) Face time also works on my cell!

If u have jailbreak phone then u 'll be needing orignal sim (Carrier). If your phone is factory unlock then it will be complete waste for me to write lengthy process!

wish u best luck.