Has Anybody Tried 'WiFi' Keyboard & Mouse?

I find myself in need of a wireless keyboard/mouse solution.

The concept sure is appealing. But I don't know whether

these newer wifi models are any better than the old ones,

which worked with infra-red technology and needed to be

directly in front of the PC to work (line of sight), if memory

serves me right. Also, they tended to have a perceptible

lag in input vs output.

Are these newer models, based on radio signals (WiFi),

any better ?. Any shortcomings ?.

I am interested in A4tech models, like this and this for

example. They are pretty and claim to be the best.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can guide this n00b.

Sheikh 'Breaking The Wires' Chilli

I have used Logitech MK260, Nearly same as A4tech's 6100f, as they all work same and also look same.

it worked great like a charm. Works flawlessly. No delays, no lags. I've used it over a range of 25ft~approx.

Specially the mouse, as i've also faced lag problem with wireless mouse in past with bluetooth and infra red, this one worked just fine. Also it goes into sleep mode

you don't interact with it for a specific period of time. to get it back just click any mouse button and its back. Actually i enjoyed it

quite well, because hands on experience with wireless tech could never have got better.

I used it for 10 months or so, then i had to change it cause of my toddler nephews(as it come in warranty nothing is child proof).

I was confused at first when you mentioned "WiFi Keyboard and Mouse" I am not sure if every wireless technology can generally be referred to as WiFi but I'm pretty sure WiFi Alliance holds the rights to the IEEE 802.11b/g/n

The 2.4Ghz is generally RF mouse/keyboard in other words. That said,.

I have been using A4tech's k/m combo's from the last 3-4 years and my last G7 series keyboard/mouse have been a great companion over the years and still going strong (with the exception of mouse left click becoming finicky) It is yet to give up on me.

Highly recommended and the best 2k spent on your wireless desktop ever.

Thanks guys. So this RF signal technology works without

lag and directional bias (having to point the mouse directly

at the desktop, etc). Excellent. Now I feel more comfortable

going forward.


My condolences. Children have an uncanny knack of finding

the weak spot on everything.


Glad to know that it proved to be of good value for money

spent. I assume that if the mouse in this combo were to go

bad, that you could switch it with another A4tech wireless

mouse and that would work with the old keyboard ?. It'd be

a shame if one of the two went bad, that you had to chuck

both out the door.

I don't usually spend more than a couple of hundred on a

mouse, since they go bad so quickly. But here, the situation

demands a wireless setup. I like Logitech too, but they are

expensive (5~6K) and I am not sure if that's worth it.

Sheikh 'Wire Azaad' Chilli

Have a look at Logitech K400. It is in a smaller form factor compared to normal sized keyboards and mice.

i had spent an eternity searching for wireless solutions to rid my life of wires from my desk to bed..an eternity spent in agonizing pain , torture and suffocation, ..an eternity filled with despair and a closet full of dead hardware..

of all the combos and stuff i was a victim of, including mice from creative, Brother, Dell, HP,and other unbranded , it was all from IR , to Bluetooth to RF, here is a brief recollection, narating those which were a little more success than others..

i had an A4tech Keybo+mouse combo once..many years ago..sucked ass.. died soon in few months.. still keep its remains as a haunting memory in storage..

then had a microsoft combo...couple years back... it was great as long as you were in range.. excellent KB, quality typing.. mouse was huge,, drained battery a lot, but it was smooth.. the only problem? pathetic range..not more than 5-6 feet.. beyond that signals dropped. however in range, it was the best thing as mouse had zero lag and was smooth as fahk... the KB is still sitting as dust collector on top of my speakers..however that was a very very old ancient product .. new microsoft hardware is Da Bomb..

bought an A4tech gaming X-Series R4 wireless mouse last year.//.again since i use big size mouse cz large hands, this mouse is great.. very very expensive , even for A4tech but oozes quality. huge 15-20 feet wireless range.. my bed corner is 12 feet from its nano usb reciever, and range as never been a problem.. mouse soo great that bought another for use with laptop connected to LCD for Mom, and even she was very comfortable using it.. has 2x click, 5 totally programmable shortcuts.. selectable DPI for all intents on mouse button.. office internet everything shortcuts programmable, long battery life.. very light weight without batteries.. auto power saver time shutoff.. and excellent driver software..

the nano reciever is an all in one, you can plug in any A4tech keyboard to it ,, can connect upto a lot of devices at once..

at 1700 for a chines company mouse, the feature and quality it offers could barely be achieved in a 5k microsoft mouse..is still going strong after 1.5 years despite rough usage... if you have a good mouse mat you wont even notice any lag at all..it is the best wireless mouse i have used..smoothest as fahk..

just a tip.. whenever you buy a combo set, you are paying less for more hardware, so in effect, you are buying 2 cheaper products for the price of 1.5.. so combo products will never be as high quality as individual separate products.. so i used to have a microsoft wireless keyboard and an A4tech mouse on bed.. along with a wired Dell multimedia keyboard and a wired premium lenovo mouse on table.... so each of these is actually a quality independent product.. i had to pay a little more for each but the durability and functionality over the combined A4tech and Logitech combos will create fatigue if you use the input devices a lot especially office work.. for lots of typing, nothing can EVER and WILL EVER beat a mcirosoft KB and mouse for performance and comfort..and contrary to other companies, their combos actually are the better quality individual products bundled together.

their price may be high, but it is worth it... if i ever have too much money, i would always and ALWAYS prefer a microsoft combo over anything,, even those 20,000 rs Razer mice.

I'll definitely be getting belkin wifi mouse for laptop those are cheap starts at 1500

i like wireless mouse and keyboard.

^ this is the greatest post of the Century..