Hardware Suggestion for new computer!

so finally i have decided to get a new computer. Most of the time i use laptop but i need a computer for some heavy tasks using remote connection. It will be more like a server, will be Serving few OS through proxmox or Vmware for different tasks NAS, Webserver, OS "windows 8" for personal use through remote connection etc.

My Budget is 2500 USD.

So any suggestion?

^ a server perhaps?

Well it depends! i have one in mind

HP ProLiant DL360p G8, Xeon E5-2630 2.60GHz, 16 GB

But with extra components "Hard drives" price will rise

Other option is to go with PC components


The problem with 'consumer' grade hardware is that you can't expect stability from it ... it is mostly designed alongwith the drivers to run 3d games as fast as possible ... like the ram even does not have ecc so an error can bring down the server easily ... I would suggest:

A dual socket system (workstation) with either 1 processor installed with ability to add another one in future or 2 processors installed

Now, you could buy a new one (lookup supermicro) but you might get a better deal if you search around for 'used' ones like the HP Z8xx or T5500 from Dell ... usually these are in excellent condition ... so nothing much to worry about especially when you'll be using new hdd!

The advantage would be ecc registered or even fully buffered ram and the LSI MegaRAID controller is usually built-in! Load up on as much memory as you can though (be sure to run memtest)!

For the software, I would suggest a Hypervisor so there is little impact of host system!

Who knows, maybe you'll save enough for RemoteFX enabled GPU and enjoy the 'full' OS remotely!



^ DAT Suggestions indeed.

if a used server is working , then it will continue to work.. besides it will still be a lot cheaper to buy a used server and even if some part fails, buy a new part and voila.. it would still save you lots of money and you get a very decent performance..

PS: your mix and match component list is not suitable or server loads, also lots of unnecessary cooling and components.. the WD RED is perhaps the only server related of the bunch.. so buy a preconfigured used server..