Hardware Prices Increasing Rapidly In Pakistan

i was hearing economic analysis on GEO and they say that dollar will come to 75...but its the minimum value it can come down to..not less than that!!!!

if it is 75..even then a sigh of relief!!!!

i called galaxy and they say they dont know what would happen in the coming months!!!

just w8 u guys wil get computer parts for freeee........heheh stop day dreaming

dude galaxy havnt taken down the prices... but by some mishap there font have become white just select all the ull b able to c the prices...

^that's is the funny part! they changed the color of the price list to white so it isn't visible (probablly they changed CSS entry) and i mentioned that in the first post

i can say that because they have given the notice that they have removed the prices

@ Galaxy:

Those f***in noobs :D

Well it is all artificial shortage and media is under influence of parties with vested interest who want to create turmoil eg being Geo reporting that Govt has frozen lockers and foregin currency accounts.

everybody is looking out for themselves, they have bought items in old rates and are now selling at premium price saying dollar is high infact i went to my car electrian and he was charging me a bit high for a normal wiring job i asked him why? and he says dollar has risen and i was like WTF!!?? :SS anybody been to shershan wonder what mischief they are up to :D

Even if a shop bought items at lower prices, selling at the current market price isn't gouging money - as to replace stock they will need more money.

then if dollar price returns then they should IMMEDIATELY lower price back in view of increased value of rupee.

...but that never happens in Pakistan does it...

The dollar seems to have stabilized at the new higher rate anyways... http://finance.google.com/finance?q=usdpkr

^ thank God...Asian markets have bounced back!!!

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The dollar seems to have stabilized at the new higher rate anyways… http://finance.google.com/finance?q=usdpkr

That Graph looks almost funny if you change to 5 year view

Yeah... It seems (and is) too sharp of a rise.