Hardware Prices Increasing Rapidly In Pakistan

Galaxy Is Revising Their Price list (and they have they have changed the text color of the price list to white so it isn't visible while they update the prices :D Noobs!) and have a notice on shier site saying this:

IMPORTANT NOTICE !!!!! We are Sorry due to continue fluctuation in currency valuation, you are unable to see prices. Please contact our sales office for further queries.

Our Forum Member AbbasJin reported that he went to the market to buy a 9600 GT and was given a quotation of 14000 from ordinary shop keepers while galaxy is saying they will give it to him for 12000 as compared to 10000 that it costed earlier on Galaxy

Isharis: They have bought most of the hardware when the dollar was 60

For people that thought that increasing dollar rate will get them more money if they earn in dollar (example adsense) then they should think again now!

We Are Officially #$%^&# Up! First worldcall increased prices now these guys don't expect anything good now!

when a country has a trade deficit that is more import than export, then rising dollar price will not enable any one earning more than others.

^^Yes, i have noted color change from a few hours. They are surely increasing prices.


any chance of decrease in prices in next 6 months...!!!??

i was reading that subsidies would finish in april and prices would decrease correspondingly!!!

oh my god..I had planned to buy laptops for which i have gathered money and it would complete in nex 6 months....roundabout 61000R.s..

but the prices have #$%^&# me up!!!!

my laptop in doubtful situation..I would have to wait!!!!

Err.... your logic is flawed. How would removing subsidies decrease prices? Less the government pays.... the more you pay albeit the less (Thereotically... this wont really happen) taxes you have to pay

if subsidies are removed,no decrease in prices?????

is it really!!!!

damn it, i was looking forward to get some hardware in couple of weeks. i shud've done it earlier.... :|

funny thing...if I had bought my new computer a couple of months earlier it would have been cheaper than when I got a couple weeks back :D

Oh well at least I didn't wait more otherwise it would have gotten even more expensive!

in next 6 months,can prices get lower????

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in next 6 months,can prices get lower???

Very unlikely, everything is getting worse. Most likely if things keep getting worse as they are at present, in 6 months we will not have any electricity, many factories and businesses will collapse. Dollar will cross Rs. 100 mark.

^have you ever seen rates going down after they are increased in Pakistan

Yeah but you can be optimistic

Dollar today touched 86 Rs.

Unless the power (oil/gas) situation improves --which cannot until

the new energy projects get online, which are expected, by the

end of next year, at best-- our exports will continue to shrink and

so will our $ reserves.

We have a race on. Which is going to happen first: The Talibans

killing us all; the Pakistani Govt. defaulting; the energy projects

coming online and saving the manufacturing sector before it goes

up in smoke.

Which can only happen if we all (govt, bureaucracy, industry, and

consumers) pull together in the same direction, with purpose and


:)Yeah, rite.




Sheikh 'I Should have Upgraded Already!' Chilli

When subsidies are removed, prices are increased. Subsidy means Government is paying out of its pocket to reduce the price. For example if a Government imports something for Rs.10 and gave to people for Rs.5 then it is giving a subsidy of Rs.5 out of its pocket.

Yaaaaaaar Leave prices our government cant even give us electricity.btw how much loadshedding in uR area and when its gonna end

I noticed this phenomenon too while buying a wireless router. Most members of this site mentioned of buying it at a much lesser price than it cost me to buy a Linksys WRT router.

Strangely prices of electronic equipments keep falling elsewhere in the world.

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Yaaaaaaar Leave prices our government cant even give us electricity.btw how much loadshedding in uR area and when its gonna end

Over 16 hours for now, mashaala :D and no end in sight.

Man what the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to buy myself a new PC and here the prices are increasing!!!