Harddisk warranty galaxy and Western digital

i have bought a Western digital hardisk from galaxy computer on 29/august/2009 now it have error of hard disk read error,and can't instal or boot anything,i lost its receipt,i telephoned to galaxy they told me that this harddisk have only 1 year warranty,but suddenly i checked that harddisk on western digital site and cheeked the warranty status its showing that its warrany will expire on 8/3/2012,

serial no is WMAV29634569 you can check itself.

now how to claim this warranty from western digital if galaxy is not giving me warranty,

i have applied for RMA(Replacement from them) from WD ,but they are asking to send my harddisk to them singapore first than they will send me replacement?

or send them an valid credit card info and they will send me replacement first than i have to send them my damaged harddisk.

please suggest me what to do?and if any one have better understanding of these things suggest me which choice is better(i don't have any credit card(i have ubl wallet visa card).

how much are charges for shipment to Singapore if i send them my harddisk.will they send me harddisk in replacement?do thye charge anything for that please i am looking for your answer's.

Adding the costs of two way shipment will be more than the price of hard disk itself.

Sending electronics items to abroad is very difficult albeit almost impossible procedure for an individual. I have had to send some electronics items (manufactured here) and it was a very hard nut to crack.

I would advise you to buy a new hard disk intead.


i don't know hwat happened to it,it was for just my normal use,yes but bears sudden light outage or failure becasue you all know the sitautaion og power here,but i am reall thinking that why galaxy is not offering us 5 year warranty if the manufacturer is giving us 5 year warranty?