Hard Drive Dead

I bought 160gb sata hard drive which got dead after around use of around 1 year. I gave it into warranty and got a new one after giving carriage charges of 1000. But even after a few months the new one died down. Now it won't let me format or boot from it. Can it be a problem with the psu? Can the hard drive be repaired in any way? I have lost all faith in these spinning hard drives. Although my 8 years old seagate is still running fine without a problem!

However, I have stopped all further purchases of hard drives until ssd becomes mainstream. I have heard that it's both faster and reliable.

carriage charges of 1000 ??

Mate that aint a guarantee..

BTW are you assembling the PC on your own or are you taking help from some shop wala?

Well the galaxy guy said that after one year you'll need to give carriage charges. I was desperate for some hard drive space as my 40gb seagate was getting full!

About the installation, I bought the computer from a different shop wala and bought the hard disk from galaxy and installed it myself.


thats the rule for the limited warranty. You have to pay the shipping charges i.e. 1000 Rs.

Could be a problem with the PSU. Its difficult to say with certainty.

I would buy a new PSU and a new HDD. I would also do regular bad blocks checks on my HDD to identify bad sectors as soon as they develop. A bad sector is a hardware fault and would be indicative of a failing HDD. If a bad sector occurs I would claim warranty on my HDD. It is the only thing you can do to reduce the risk of a new HDD purchase.

But only do the above if you can afford to loose the money. Don't ever spend any money on any computer component unless you can afford to loose the entire sum. Warranties always depend on the mood of the retailer, KESC/WAPDA electricity surges can burn any computer part and sometimes expensive parts just fail for no particular reason so it is always a risk.

BTW there is no point in trying to repair an HDD that has a hardware fault like bad sectors. You will only be wasting your money.

^ or may they didn't gave u a new one.

How sure are you that they gave u a new HDD ?

Are you using a custom made PC ?

Thanks for for your input guys. Yeah i have a custom made pc. I am not sure if he gave me a new one but it certainly looked new and was in static proof packing. You can only rely on the shopkeeper's honesty in these matters. Well i know that bad sectors ruin a hard drive. But this wasn't a slow progressive fault. Rather It was a sudden one. I think i am gonna stick to my resolve of not buying these hard drives unless ssd becomes cheap. Btw one question tho, i have a voltage stabilizer but no ups. Can any body tell how much these combined voltage stabilizers and ups cost. Since i think frequent loadshedding may also be a contribuing factor in deterioration of the hard drive.

First of all the electric surges and custom made PCs... never ends well for the PCs.

Secondly never trust our shop keepers even if they are taken hostage.

So its either the electric surge or the not-so-new-HDD.... :|

I am in the habit of using used but branded PCs (IBM in particular) for couple of years now.... and they turn out to be solid against the load shedding.... or at least they tend to die at the end of their supposed life cycle and tend to protect the added or replaced hardware as well.

I don't know about the stabilizers and ups's cost but I would also suggest you to buy a branded PC specially, if you plan to run it 24/7.

My luck is also bad in these hard drives -.- bought two 120GB seagate hdd's with warranty... both died after 2 months..

why are your hard drives dying so quickly

if you buy new hard drives always look at the series and see what make it is.....even a second hand hard drive should last you at least a good 10 months to a year.

Hard drives tend to have a life of 3 years. When buying a hard drive read the reviews on the internet before doing so...and get a stabilizer for your pc...

always buy a branded power supply like cooler master for your pc which is zero meter and in warranty and the same goes for the hard drive

And for the last time all seagate hard drives comes with 3 year limited warranty. (this crap about 1+2 is just that..dont buy from a shop which states that concerning ram mobo, hard drive etc, they are just trying to give you less warranty)