Hard disk repairing in Karachi?

salam to all

want to know the place where laptop HDD could b repaired in reasonable charges in Karachi .

contact number would b appreciated.

jazak ALLAH


Forget about repairing HDD. If it's dead then just simply toss it to your dustbin. I am not rude but these days the IDE HDDs (not SCSI) work as long as stars in sky are align (meaning just on sheer luck). Instead of spending your hard earned money on repairing, buy new one. Why? Because, first of all, nobody can repair with hands these delicate machine-assemble hardware. Secondly, even if it is "repaired" it won't last much long (maybe few weeks, few months on top).

Long story short, buy new HDD.

By the way, is your HDD totally dead?




uncle wampyr (also uncle imran urf "ditto") with all that sermon you didn't ask very basic and simple question, which i'll ask nadeem on your behalf.

- nadeem are you trying to extract important personal data from your broken HDD, if you are the then getting it repaired to the point where you'll get your files out is worth it.

- if not then Uncle wampyr is 100% correct in his sermon that you really need to throw old HDD and get new one, 'cause its not worth it.

^ you all Uncles must see his query what he is asking in his post he just need a HDD repairer who will fix his HDD if you know any than tell him don't feed him with further ugly stories..

@nadeem5476 I don't know anyone...but have you visited your local computer stores i think they can guide you better than posting here

I have gotten my HDD repaired by Al-Madina Computers,

4th floor, Uni Plaza, next to Galaxy Computers. That

bearded guy who owns the shop is a two-bit shyster.

But he may be able to guide you to someone more able

than himself.

Ask at Galaxy in Techno City (opp. Uni Plaza). There

are workshops on 8th floor that specialize in mobo repair

(very professional and honest people, surprisingly) and

I am sure there must be some who handle HDD as well.




Sheikh 'HD' Chilli

Hey, what's with "uncles" thingy? :)

Dear ALL .

ofcourse m asking the repairing thing bcz to carry out my personal data from it . i had 80 perccent backup but lost 20 percent in that dead HDD . i was smiling reading the comments , any how . Yes i know also that its not reliable to use a repaired HDD . but i just need it to work for 10 minutes so i could take backup from the same .

i already have installed a new one but the valuable data is still in it !

will contact the addresses provided above from the members .

jazak ALLAH .


hard disk repairing is time waste, burn it out.