Hard disk problem

hi everyone i have maxtor 250gb sata hard disk but with a problem........very strange problem as it gives sounds from inside and after these sounds a blue screen appears stating a message physical memory failure or sth else like this....if i restrat my pc during loading there is no harddisk so i hav to turnoff my pc and then start it again.....this problem appears 3 to 4 times in a day after every 4 or 5 days....although it is still under warranty...i asked the dealer to replace it but he denied and said there is no problem becoz harddisk didnt create problem when i took it to the dealer......wht shud i do now??

Check if SMART test fails. iIf it does, you can claim the warranty.

yah check your smart status

smart is very good and accurate

wht is smart test is it a software for testing hard drives??? from where can i get this software is it downloadable from net and is it userfriendly or complicated??

^ Try speedfan,

run the program click on SMART tab-->select ur hdd it'll tell u the fitness and performance of ur hdd.

how to post an image here i got readings from speedfan smart test...make a jgp file of it but unable to post image here help me how to post it??

dude smart is inbuild on maany mobos... just enable it via bios setup....

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how to post an image here i got readings from speedfan smart test…make a jgp file of it but unable to post image here help me how to post it??

go to imageshack.us or any other image hosting website upload ur image, retrive the code/url and paste it here.

I would get any important data off it asap then get it replaced if in warranty.


this is wht i got from speedfan smart test......now tell me abt it????? and harddisk temp is 50c-60c is it normal??????

for the strange cracking sound, i would say that its due to improve / imbalanced placement of the HDD. make sure that it isnt tilted.

for HDD missing intermittently, it might be a problem with the power supply/powe supply cord that runs into the HDD. try your HDD with some1 else's pC

1. Clearly 50-60 degrees is a killer for HDDs. Please turn the heat down in that oven or else whats left of the HDD (and other components) will bake.

2. as far as the image of speedfan is concerned, stuff looks fine for now.. though couldnt tell more since details are missing (u should've scrolled down a little and taken another snap)

3. to rule out hdd problem (or to make it the culprit) u should put it in another PC and test it there. I'd say that would be the best method.

4. For heaven's sake please post your computer specs (including power supply and mobo)