Happy Iqbal Day - 2010

Happy Iqbal day to all WP members

Its my appeal not to send any third class cheap funny sms about Allama Iqbal or Quaid e Azam, Its a shame that we so called educated people are making fun of Founders of Pakistan!

Today was a holiday right?

^Yep, but we are in office :-s ......workload.....

and yes the forwarding funny but ridiculous SMSs is just one of the major problems of our nation being no worth...... try to grip over such a usage of facilities...

I recived 10 fazul msg;s regarding him..that's why we are lagging so behind

Lolz koder.. how are those msgs keeping us behind?..

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Lolz koder… how are those msgs keeping us behind?..

One who don’t respect the Founders of the his country, how can you suppose others will respect him?

Did you ever heard, an American Graduate sending cheap dirty jokes about Benjamin Franklin or George Washington to his classmates?

Well we shouldnt be making fun of our elders anyway, let alone someone dead..