Happy Independence Day!

A very Happy Independence Day to all fellow countrymen (and women)!

On this occasion, let us not forget our brothers and sisters suffering from the floods. Let us do everything that we can do financially and/or otherwise to help them in their time of need. Donate whatever you can for the sake of flood victims to reputable organizations like Edhi Foundation, etc.

Happy INdependence day to all Pakistanis!

Everybody pray for country's Betterment every Dawn and Evening and every single breath we inhale!

Happy Independence day ! We should really donate few bucks from our pay to the flood victims.God bless Pakistan !

Happy Independence day !

Jeeay Pakistan!!!!! ...... without corruption!!!

Happy Independence Day

Very very happy independence day to all the nation.

May Allah give us strength to do our best for this country which was made after so many sacrifices by our great forefathers.

Do whatever you can do (collectively or individually) for the betterment of this country and its people in your capacity.


Wish you all a Happy Our Day..... Best of luck Pakistan.

May Allah keep Pakistan alive all the time and give it best leadership.

paani ma doob rahi ha dharti, yeh meri arze watn,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ma kis zuban se kaho azadi mubarik

^is it poetry or nasar?> :)

May Allah protect my land from enemies. Geo .... GEO ... GEO mere Pakistan.

Happy Independence Day

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paani ma doob rahi ha dharti, yeh meri arze watn,

ma kis zuban se kaho azadi mubarik


I recieved a message similiar to this one,

لہو میں ڈوب رہی ہے فضائے ارضِ وطن,

میں کِس زباں سے کہوں جشنِ آزادی مبارک۔

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day Pakistan


Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all.

May Allah help us in these hard times for the people of Pakistan.

her taraf hai pani he pani

phir b dil hai Pakistani

happy Independence day to all ..

^you mean happy Independence yesterday to all

I also think so... :P