Hand made Carpet

Any one can give me good carpet shop name or location, deals in Hand made. Today i visited at metropole went to two shops .... any more good reputed shops in karachi.I want send the carpet to my brother in USA

There was a shop in bahadurabad, don't exactly remember the name right now. Are you looking for any hand made or persian carpets?

hand made Persian is ok which made in Lahore.....But original Persian for commercial and for domestic use banned can;t import to US Sep 29 2010

oh at bhadurabad there was a Zeenat carper now Zeenat carpet was closed and now there is Askari bank

There are many type of the carpet but i like only the hand made carpet. Hand made carpet is a very simple and beautiful compare then another carpet. Hand made carpet is one of my favourite carpet.

Baking Soda works with very unusual odour neutralising gives off the carpet and has been used as a household deodoriser for many years. Sprinkle baking soda on top of the layer from the carpet and for an hour or so and then proceed with vacuum the carpet.


202, Panorama Centre, Bldg.# 2 Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road, Saddar, Karachi 75530, Sindh, Pakistan

Phone: 9221-35676849 / 35676840


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^ Yeah, they'd definitely be able to guide OP on buying a carpet... :rolleyes: