HALL Effect IC

I have to make a Magnetic Field Sensor, for that purpose I was thinking to use a Linear Hall Effect IC, i.e an IC whose output voltage is proportional to the magnetic field strength the IC is experiencing

I searched the net and found many ICs, I'm not sure that what IC will be available from college road.

So if anyone knows which Linear Hall Effect IC is/will be available from College Road, please tell the IC number or what to tell the shopkeeper to get that IC.

i think omron has a product lineup for this hall-effect sensors. try if you can get them..

what am I supposed to say to the shop keeper ?

omron has fully functional sensors, and they dnt have magnetic field sensors, I just want a Linear Hall Effect IC

Which of the following manufacturers have you checked?






checked all mentioned above.... only Maxim has hall effect sensors but they have some special features and they have status of future product

TI had brushless motor control systems in which they use Hall effect sensors

hey u could go to auto junk places. look for any ecu board. it should have those hall effect ICs on it. They use it to time the spark.

Its probably the Hall Switch IC not a linear one, but I will see if couldn't find it at clg. road