Hair Transplant Best Doctor In Pakistan

I am looking for a best doctor/clinic in pakistan for doing hair transplant for my cousin.

He is 28 years old and very serious about his baled head, he dont have hair at top of head.

Will anyone plz tell is it safe to do hair transplant?

What method doctors use to do hair transplant?

How much cost it will take?

Will hair grow after transplant?

How much time transplant will take?

Is it a painful operation?

Your suggestion are very helpfull and plz give adrese of hair transplant doctor, i will be very thankfull.

depends how much ur willing to pay. the more u pay, the better it is. someone i know (in his early thirties) spent 70-80 thousand rupees for hair transplant. he was not completely bald, infact he was in a similar situation like ur cousin.

look at nawaz sharif, he is loosing all his transplanatation, i think its not long lasting

^ That is because he pulls his hairs too much :lol:

Nawaz was completely bald.I don't think he is loosing his hair now.I've seen many people with transplantation and you can't guess whether they did the surgery or not.Things have changed my friend.Few days back I saw RANA naveed on television and man he looked completely alag talag from his previous looks heh ^_^ and he recommended Doctor Hamayun Saeed who sits some where in blue area near black horse plaza.. find him out but he will charge you alot :D

here you find almost about ur question

Dr. Tunio. He is FRCS from England and one of the pioneers

in this field in Pakistan. My cousin (late 30s) had it done.

According to him, they first put a few injections in the back

of your head to numb you. Then they lay you down into a

bed with a hole at one end for your face. Now the surgeon

comes and with his scalpel he cuts a strip of your scalp (his

scar was from ear to ear in the back). He said he couldn't

feel anything, but he could hear the CRUNCH of skin being

torn apart in the back... After that, he pulls the skin together

and sews it up.

They take your strip of hair and depending on the density of

hair growth, they take out as many 'saplings' of follicles to

plant on the front of the head. This part is usually done by

techs. They will now lay you on your back and then with a

scalpel make hundreds of tiny incisions in the front of the head

to place the individual follicles one-by-one.

This whole procedure takes about 8-10 hours. They let you

watch TV and drink juice while they work on your head. They

give you a prescription for a bundle of antibiotics (for possible

infection in the wounds), pain killers, etc. Have somebody buy

them straightaway since you will be needing them that night!

The first three days are painful, as your multiple wounds in the

front and the large impressive incision in the back begin healing.

You have to be VERY careful of how you sleep, as blood will be

oozing out. Have to wash the head, equally carefully, with a

special shampoo, as directed. If any follicle placed in your head

is damaged, by contact, it will not take hold.

After two weeks they open the stitches in the back of the head.

That's painful, if they are done too tightly and are buried in the

skin. All the implanted hair falls out in a few weeks and new hair,

hopefully emerges from the follicles placed inside your skull. The

whole process of regrowth takes anywhere from 6 months to an


Depending upon the area being covered, one procedure is usually

not enough. Most people get for at least two. Some, like Nawaz

Sharif, have gotten four (allegedly). That depends on how much

hair you've got back there and how loose is your skin. After all,

they can't keep cutting away skin and not have enough to pull

together and sew you up.

According to my cousine, months after his surgery, he still feels

a 'stretch' or a pull in the back, where they cut away his skin. He

now has some hair, where he had none, but it's not like the original

thing. He is no longer bald in the front, but it looks like he is losing

hair there (thinning). He would like to go for another round, but

right now the thought is too painful.

He was charged around Rs. 1 lakh for the whole procedure and

it was done in a residence next to Clifton Grill (Bilawal Chowrangi).

If you guys need any other info, let me know.




Sheikh 'Ouch!' Chilli


That's a scary picture. When I'll go bald, I'll be better bald then that :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that after surgery your

whole head, that has had multiple wounds on it,

swells on all sides and gets to be a watermelon.

This is body's normal reaction and nothing to be

(too) alarmed about.

When my cousin walked into his home that night,

he says his youngest daughter couldn't recognize

her own father.




Sheikh 'Baal Barabar' Chilli

Chilli dear thanks for da details, very best details.

We visited Doc Mughes yesterday in Bahawalpur and he repeat the same procedure as told by you and his one time surgery fee is Rs.40k

Glad to hear that bakhtavar. One last thing, ask your

doctor how many follicles is he able to harvest from

a single procedure (average) ?. The range is from 4000

to 6500+. Institutes will usually tout this figure because

the more hair they harvest from your limited strip of

scalp, the less the need to come again for another round.

Aside from the aesthetic (how good a hairline can they

re-create and not make you look like a freak) and the

technical expertise (providing more chance for follicles to

take root) needed for such a job, this is a good rule of

thumb to determine a doctor's and institute's functional





Sheikh 'Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow' Chilli

That was enough to completely scare me away.

Thanks Chilli for best suggestion, i will tell my cousing about it.

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That was enough to completely scare me away.

Hey dear are you also bald ?

It never ceases to surprise me how far people are willing to go with unnecessary procedures in a bid to look good. Regardless, I think men suffering from baldness should wait a few more yrs for a better technology to surface. I read some time back that they are now able to clone your hair, essentially grow it in jar and then stick it in your head! That sounds a lot more promising and attractive then having skin ripped from the back of your head. :)

oops, that was terifying................ :(

Alhamdulillah, i m not bald................................... that mallon part as funny..........:D

BTW baldity is has its own grace so dont wory guys u can keep ur head cleaner and more shiny by using Dabar Amla Hair Oil for your bald masag, twice a day every day :P

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Thanks Chilli for best suggestion, i will tell my cousing about it.

Hey dear are you also bald ?


Nopes…not yet at least…but if I was, I would not torture myself like this.

well to get a tind is a In-thing now adays

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

well to get a tind is a In-thing now adays

You are very right, Tind is now also in fashion.

You know what they say, "No pain, no gain". :)

It was kinda fun walking into a mall with my cuz

a few days after his surgery. The reaction he got

from onlookers was usually of dread and absolute

horror. You could actually hear people suck-in

their breath as they got a look at his incision.

Mostly they thought accident, or brain surgery.

Last time we were out, some 'gangsta-wannabees'

were rubber-necking, as one exclaimed to another,

"Abay dekh! kiya sir phata hai iss banday ka!". :D

Here is a photo of a fresh hair transplant scar. It

doesn't look too bad... OK, a little Frankenstein'ish,





Sheikh 'As You Sow, So Shall You Rippp!' Chilli

PS: :) @ sah's plan. Yeah, well, I am counting on

the cream, or better yet, THE tablet, when it's my time.

Cheap, fast, reliable, without any side effect solution

Wear a wig :P